How To Connect USB Cable For Samsung

The package includes the Samsung phones USB-cable, or as it is called-data cable, even if your computer is equipped with a Bluetooth adapter, connect your phone to a computer to share files and Internet access via cable is better-the rate of Exchange will be much higher than your mobile will get more power and you do not need to load the battery.


1. Turn on your computer and wait until the system is fully charged. Switch on the phone and also waits until the run all the related widgets. Insert connector Micro USB plug in -on your phone-it is located in the upper part of the body and may be covered with a special hood, which must be pushed aside. the second connector cable to a free USB hub on your computer. See more on Eusbhubs.

2. Select a menu that appears on the screen of your phone connection mode “USB Debugging”. Wait for your computer, install the required drivers. After the installation process is complete, it will appear on your computer screen reported

is the disconnect both ends of the cable and connect it again. From the menu select the desired connection mode.

3. Use the link Samsung Kies to sync your phone with a computer, a file with the same name by the program install the latest version of Samsung Kies on your computer, you can follow this link UR Our site. Through Kies you can download your phone applications and media files, you can update the firmware of your phone, with a copy to the PC data from your phone book, etc.

4. The use of “Media DRM» fajloves for sharing your computer via wire to look for Windows phone files, select it from the menu” My Computer. “If you inserted a memory card box, open two folders-Phone (phone) and Card (memory card) you using standard Windows, which is located within the vision files, deleting files, copying, renaming, adding new content in the folder.

5. Use the “Removable Disk” when you want to use the phone instead of the so-called “stick.” Note, in this mode will be available in box installed the memory card only access to files in the internal memory of the phone.

6. Using Internet connection sharing if you want to use your phone as a modem. After selecting this mode, your computer will be installed modem drivers and run Samsung Networking Wizard, which will help you to establish a connection to the Internet.

7. Please note that if you only have one way of connection, for example, if you use your phone as a modem only, you can set it as the default mode (“settings”-“USB Connection”). Then, after mode selection screen of the cable connection of the phone’s screen will not appear. Change the default, you can at any time in the Settings menu.

Useful tip

Charging the battery of your phone will be in each mode, connect the data cable, but if you want to use at the time of loading the functions of communication from your phone (calls, send SMS, etc.), select “USB Debugging mode» or “Internet connection sharing”.

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