Infinite USB Hub

InfiniteUSB is a cable that is no USB port. That is, it is already one, but is on the back of the USB connector at the same time a connection is available.

The InfiniteUSB cable brings with its own hub. Although this has only one port, but enough already made. This is the port in which the plug of InfiniteUSB is, for other devices. Especially practical is InfiniteUSB for users of laptops, which are indeed usually not very lavish with USB hub ports (

By InfiniteUSB can plug a device into his computer without occupying the port. Because it may still another device can be connected to the back of the InfiniteUSB connector. Theoretically, one could so at a port with multiple InfiniteUSB cables connect several devices, but of course the power ranges from a terminal only for a limited number of devices. Infinity (Infinite) can be the so do not continue. The following video shows that quite find a few devices on one connector space.

InfiniteUSB is available in three different versions: as a Lightning cable for newer iOS devices with micro USB connector and a USB connector, as a kind of USB extension cable.

The InfiniteUSB cable itself is 20 cm long, with plugs are approximately 25 cm from it. The two plugs hold magnetic when they are successive sets, thus you can plug it well and take. Their flat shape and short length tangled and not tie it up well.

Converted about 13 euros costs a InfiniteUSB cable. In the FAQ international shipping costs by the equivalent of almost 14 euros be mentioned. The financing round on Kickstarter runs until 22 April 2015 . Sometime in June 2015, are then sent to the supporters the InfiniteUSB cable. More information is available on the Kickstarter page and on the website of InfiniteUSB.

Seems to me already to be a pretty handy thing, so a cable with built-in socket. And 13 Euro (at least for a Lightning cable) also not so much. Without Mfi certificate is however never really knows to what update it works. The development engineers have been with Apple in touch and hope to get the MFi certificate soon.

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