Nexus USB Hub Charging

Among the many innovations introduced by the Nexus of this year that in these hours are beginning to be sold in some parts of the world, we also have the new USB Connector Type-C.This solution, in addition to the features already known, has the ability to carry electricity in both directions, which means a smartphone (or a tablet or any other class of device) can turn into a charger for other devices, in case of emergency.

By connecting a Nexus 5 x to a Nexus 6 p, for example, of the various connection options also appears Power supply that allows the device to transfer part of its charge to the most in need.

According to empirical evidence conducted by Android Police, however, with older devices (or more generally not Nexus), even if equipped with USB-C, the system appears to be unreliable.With some devices, you can only upload, with others only to load. It is unclear at the moment, if it’s just a matter of software (then Marshmallow has specific code that allows you to take full advantage of this mode) or if it is really necessary to specific hardware. Anyway it seems an interesting possibility.

  • Huawei Nexus 6 pis available online from ePRICE at 517 euros. The value for money is discreet and is one of the best devices in this price range.
  • LG Nexus 5 xis available online from Carpentry to 209 euro or from ePRICE to303 euros. The value for money is good. There are 8 better models.

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