Ouya Begins to Reach Developers and Here We Have The Official Unboxing

The most successful crowdfunding, Ouya, history has finally become reality, at least for developers who have decided to invest the sum of 699 dollars to get one of the development versions of the console that has moved the micropatronage world. Obviously, being a development version materials are clear plastic, but has allowed us to see some of the improvements that have been implemented at the last minute.

First the battery are in the grips of the controls, which can be changed and can be of different colours to suit the consumer. Another new feature is that oncluye a microUSB cable to connect the console to a computer if you want to make módena several. They have finally introduced a fan to optimize the power and avoid overheating.

Apart from that, they warn that the console being sent has absolutely no game loaded, as it is for development functions. Other things to consider are the console can be opened with a simple screwdriver very simple, ideal for those who enjoy modifying the hardware, and the measures, which do not exceed those of a cup of coffee.

Except that, little more, because now is task of developers submitting games for when you launch the console, which would be in about three months when began to reach the first purely hardcore shoppers. The development console and the normal is still for sale on the website of the console, if well priced higher than in crowdfunding.

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