Samsung Note 5 Tablet

Phone, address book and messaging

the dialer is different (maybe worse) than on the 4 Notes. Has a Smart Dial that allows a quick selection of numbers to call and the ability to make video calls. With ease you can refuse callsautomatically (all, only calls from specific numbers, all unknown numbers, etc.) or activate, the far more restrictive lock mode with which you “freeze” incoming calls and damp the sound notifications and alerts. Only the contacts inserted in our priority list (whitelist) can call or send a message. The lock mode can be set to turn on and off automatically (e.g. at night).

While in 4 Notes when we wanted to use the smart search a contact name, at the top there were shown the most frequently called contacts and that corresponded to the letters you type in Notes 5 contacts are only shown in alphabetical order.

Also as you can see from this comparison is missing the ability to equalize the audio call.

The audio capsule very good, similar to the Galaxy S6, but with a slightly less hot. Our test of the sound pressure of the mono speaker (we may regret the lack of a stereo speaker, but we finally have a better location than the Note 4) confirmed the auditory sensations.

This speaker mono is one of the best ever mounted on a smartphone, and compared to all the preceding generation to hear Samsung best and the low is high.

Unlike the 4 Notes, which uses a system of three microphones, this smartphone there are only two microphones placed at both ends of the phone. The system of reduction of noise system works perfectly in conversation, and the absence of the third microphone recorder app is felt only in where we note the lack of “conversation around the table,” while the “interview” works fine.

Even on this model Samsung confirms that he has reversed course as regards the reception: medium high and definitely comparable, in this fundamental, to that of the best device. The signal even in poor coverage area is retained and you can call even with zero notches. The handover, you here faster than the lazy Notes 4.

Only one note can be moved to the reception in LTE, but I was unable to determine whether this is due to the configuration of N920C worldwide networks, although I am inclined to believe that it is a problem in baseband still immature. Especially with various operators in the phone always tries to stay on the 3 band passing to the 20 (for example) only occasionally.

The signal WIFi is very good and here a comparison of 5 Notes and Notes 4. As seen at short range and medium the wifi of 5 Notes Download almost twice as much data than the Notes 4 you do prefer it at far distances from the router.

The application handles both MMS and SMS Messages lets you, using keyboard shortcuts, to store the contacts text each other frequently and the list of all the conversation. The menu option is typical of messaging applications and you can customize the font size, the bubbles form and the background.

There is a wide range of emoticons, but their use greatly reduces the number of characters in a message-go down to 70 and every smiley counts for two symbols (this is because Samsung uses the Unicode format rather than the GSM alphabet).

Also on 5 Notes the function of delayed fax (between 3 and 30 seconds), so you can cancel a message before it is sent and to schedule messages to be sent automatically (for example, the Christmas card).

The app also features protection anti spam -messages from specific numbers or contain specific phrases can be blocked and there is a chance to avoid that some links in messages are clickable or to scan for potential threats.

You can finally set an emergency message to go to the main contacts by pressing for 3 times in quick succession the power button. The phone can optionally take a picture (quietly) and send it along with the message.

The Galaxy Note 4 has two email clients that stocks and that Gmail. You can use them side by side in multi-window so as to take advantage of the drag and drop functionality of the text.

Connectivity and web browsing: nothing to envy to competition!

The really important set of connections includes 5 Notes, ch. 9 for LTE connectivity supporting download speeds of up to 450 MB/s while on HSPA networks, you will get a maximum download speed to 42Mbps.

The Wi-Fi has the ac 802.11 2.4 GHz dual band type and 5 GHz. Even the GPS (A-GPS/GLONASS) is lightning with a cold fix after just 2 seconds and with an accuracy of about5 meters.

As one of the best tablets, the Samsung Note 5 is the first device with Bluetooth 4.2 with Low Energy and apt-X (Smart Ready) for better audio streaming. Usb 2.0 has a video output capabilities, which allows her to MHL 2160p and 30 fps. The port also supports USB HID devices such as a keyboard and mouse.Also the NFC chip.

Oddly, Samsung chose not to place the IR sensor for remote control of household appliances and, personally, that I regard it as one of the 3 biggest pitfalls of this Note 5.

The web Browser is to stock Android changed, however, from Samsung. Supports multiple cards (including those in disguise) and if you log on with the Samsung account, you can sync open tabs and bookmarks with other devices with the same account. Gradità news is the alignment of the text.

Another interesting feature is the one that allows you to use fingerprints to access websites (this option also on other Samsung). The first time you enter the site you must use the username and password as usual and then tick the option “remember login using fingerprints”. From now on, just put your finger on the home button to log in on that particular website. There is to be noted that this option does not work with all types of logins.

It is however also the chrome browser pre-installed.



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