Samsung Prepares a Camera without a Mirror for Our Galaxy

The Korean firm Samsung is a non-stop, in recent weeks we have witnessed the birth of a huge amount of new products, especially smartphones, and although the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom already has advanced photographic possibilities, Samsung is not happy with their hybrid camera/smartphone.

Apparently, the Koreans already prepared the second version of its Galaxy Camera which could be, and there are several surprises capitalization, as that new camera with Samsung’s Android you will not have mirror and will come with interchangeable lenses.

I.e., that although we call it Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, the truth is that the two chambers with Samsung’s Android would play in completely different leagues, because the photographic capabilities of a camera like that rumored would be very above which offers the current Galaxy Camera.

Confirmation comes directly from the CEO of Samsung via Korea Times, who would have stated literally that “Samsung will launch a camera without a mirror that has Android as an operating system.

There is no more information, but it seems that this new camera sensor It will be larger and self-made, and may have a resolution of 20.3 megapixel.

The next day 20 June, Thursday of the week coming, Samsung has prepared an event in London, so there will surely show all products that have been presenting in recent weeks, as well as, in all likelihood, give more details about this new Galaxy Camera.

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