The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXXII)

One more week, and already going 32, reaching Mensencia highlights regarding the proposals of Street style seen on the streets of half the world.

And as the variety is the Spice you bring disparate but very interesting proposals as it is the case of the cover image. Two men impeccably suits, but if you look in the right man can be seen as the foulard knotted above the tie It does not diminish him prominence to this, but that they can be complemented to perfection.

The secret of a man with current style lies in know how to combine the more classical clothes with touches of modernity, to do see us to the last without losing one iota of elegance.

This has known it to bring to perfection the man we see in the image above, a seemingly classic look but pants remangados with low socks (important detail) give different and modern at the same time elegant.

The same happens with the next look. Are you tired of the look blue shirt and khaki pants? You are looking for some loafers in colors and combine them with a belt as the image, you’ll see how a couple of details look happen to be very interesting.

Who said that the? white trousers do not worth to go to the office? The blogger Adrian Cano shows us that it is possible with this combination with Topman blazer, that if not should neglect no detail, from the scarf to tie, to not break the harmony of colors created.

The marbled dot cardigans, or grandfather like many cardigans have christened this garment will be one of this fall garments. But of course, we know to give our touch to stop being the garment of the grandfather and becomes all chic clothing.

Our protagonist knows to take advantage of the look thanks to the (rather small) hat and espadrilles, details as you see you can do completely change a look.

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