The New Looks of Pull and Bear for This Autumn

We continue with the usual tonic major commercial firms for this fall in which to lookbooks and models It concerns. Have not ceased to teach the new contributions of some large market as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Bershka that, far from present us their collections as always, have decided to take them to ‘ time ’ with lookbooks in their formal and casual, collections focused on a specific month with styles and variants which adapt to the time that can be done at that time.

Well, Pull and Bear He did not want to be outdone and noted also has this fashion, instead opt to show us already dressed models, gives us clothes separately, with the codes and references of each item So let us be ourselves who decide how and with which combine each garment. A simple and useful method already used in summer and gave them very good results.

Check them out.

The first highlight of the collection is the wide variety of records found. Already announced that its new collection would have 5 branches quite distinct in that, in some way, is to worship or homage to a style or a certain urban tribe, as with this that thanks to the dessert boots (an interesting choice), the glasses or the handkerchief, we can guess that the adventurous back in fashion.

If you want to opt for something more urban, the jeans vest and shirt While the scarf or scarves, they can be a good option even though it is still more of the same. The Cowboys, in its tonic, with straight cuts and many alternatives to choose from, being the boot cut and the fit bestsellers.

For a little more warm look (which is beginning to hit the cold) and a touch more sport, propose us a series of geometric prints sweatshirts and very bright colors, similar to a futuristic touch that is reflected in the sneakers and polo, contrasting with the monochromatism of Cowboys.

Bohem and english tribe looks remain the strong commitment of the Pull and Bear since it began as such. Their t-shirts with iconic pop prints and the use of red, blue and white, symbols of the British flag, are the essential in this type of styles. Supplements lose relevance and only one would take into account the tool belts and pouches.

For colder days, the leather scarves and t-shirts jackets they are an option for building looks somewhat more rockers, while we vary a bit and tried to use pants instead of jeans or, if that is fabric denim, in colors outside the ranges of blue and black, as it is the case in more earthy tones.

The Jacquard not leaking any and continues to be a well-known within the winter jerseys. This time in black and white, propose us that we conjuntemos it with jeans baggy, with belt type and again the dessert boots which, as I have already said, it is worth to check them out if they have our number (only made up to 44-45)

Finally, a more formal style based Aviator jackets, checked shirts and pants of broader cuts in dark colors to enhance the contrast between the jacket and the shirt and at the same time these two with the rest of the set. The scarf to finish to finish the set and type Panama boots although rather more accessible price.

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