Wardrobe Fund Investments to Buy These Sales 2011 (IV)

The feared slope of January is wreaking havoc this year, and Christmas have given much, if this outside little rose light, transportation and many major food. You do not become it is still hard for everyone, the crisis is stalking look it where you look at, you’re not the only one.

Now displaying much sense of humor I am going to propose wardrobe investment to buy these sales of winter 2011, but attention to sailors who warns is not traitorous, today’s selection will dedicated to those men of spirit, trendy and lovers of the large firms. The prices are the most popular but if discounts reaching up to fifty by the way, because perhaps you fancy one of these quirks don’t miss!

Victor & Rof shirt

The duo’s most famous nerds of European design is called Victor & Rolf, These two friends who seem to cufflinks are a few lovers of the avant-garde, art, fashion and music and all that is reflected in his collections. Since most worked or Baroque outfits through most garments minimal and there is nothing that can resist them.
The last menswear collection brought together different trends, but all the looks had a marked noble air, a style gentleman very modern but with that touch vintage so peculiar that they only know to do and certainly very well.

One of the most notable is this interesting Basic white shirt, regular cutting and two-coloured neck pointed black-finished. Replicated in addition to double botonadora on the fist and is made in cotton of the highest quality made in Italy. If you want now por €156 When his season was of €260.

Band of Outsiders jacket

A garment that can not miss in any fund of wardrobe self-respecting is from a few seasons ago the beloved vest. That you presented of Band of Outsiders has three front pockets and is made out of wool color charcoal grey. The back of silk is stamped grey vertical stripes on a white background and is topped with a strap. Now for the €189 with a price of season €270.

Dsquared2 belt

The twins of double-d, Dsquared2 always opt for very sexy men, addicts transparencies, the broken and studs, his style desenfadad to sexy will delight many, but their collections are not suitable for all audiences, not everyone is willing to teach so much meat, I already understand.The belt I suggest if you can take it either, made in skin beef cent per cent and buckle logotipada, is a good choice to put on more than one occasion. If you want now €140, its seasonal price double.

Boot D & G

Italians D & G second line is always characterized by a distinctly more casual than the first, although lately are not amazing by the turning the tide. This year they have opted for the long jhons point, après sky and trends all rustic.
All garments I rescued these fantastic boots of folk-inspired, manufactured in skin appearance vintage and topped with Golden studs. If you want to now worth half €310.

American Galliano

To finish the selection you have chosen this American very good cut and best porte, in the classic format of Triple button, made from color wool charcoal grey has double inside pocket, and in addition to the more branding the logo of the designer is in the side and Pocket detail of vertical stripes. If you want to do with this piece of Galliano leverages now by €234 half of its price.

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