Windows Phone 8 Reported as Ready

It has been delayed and Microsoft have fought for, to get Windows Phone 8 finished, but now it is clear to the producers.

After a delay, the Windows Phone 8 finally reached the RTM status (release two manufacturing), which means that it is now ready for the producers. It writes our site.

Windows Phone 7 reached the RTM status of the 1.September 2010 and the first units arrived in stores in November, while Mangoes reached the RTM status of 27. July and the first phones were in stores in October. So are we going to believe the story, so the first units will probably come during the month of November at the earliest.

Reuters has previously been out with an announcement that Nokia Lumia 920 should be to find in stores in the last half of the month of november.

The official Windows Phone 8 launch is expected still to take place on 29 October. October.

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