10 Wedding Favor Ideas

An important theme, and therefore always recurring are the wedding favors, which should be well chosen in order to delight. It is essential that the mime translates to the profile of the bride and groom, but that it is useful or enjoyable for the guests in parallel. So when planning your wedding, place the selection of wedding gifts as one of your priorities. Remember: the beauty of an event is in the details. Do you agree?

More than a simple gift, wedding favors are ways to demonstrate the relevance that each guest has for the couple. Therefore, it is an act of affection. Faced with this, it is natural to have doubts. Often, noti fi cates do not know how to decide for the best option or what will actually be meaningful. However, it is necessary to be calm and research. Today, there are beautiful trends, practical and even economic. This way, look for ideas of wedding souvenirs that have to do with you!

In this sense, it is worth talking with advisors, friends who have already married and consult the internet, such as some excellent texts here on the blog. It is fundamental, initially, to have numerous ideas of wedding souvenir. This is because it will be easy to eliminate which does not fit with your proposal until you have elected. The ideal way to come to a resolution is to think outside the box. However, it is quite common for some brides to follow the obvious first. Its mission, however, is to go beyond the traditional and imagine what can be original for your party.    

Here are 10 ideas of wedding souvenirs to help you find the perfect treat. Meals, plants, accessories and beverages. All of these are possibilities for your wedding gifts to be a success. Now, check it out one by one! 

1 – Snack To Restore Energy

Snack is a cool alternative. Have you thought about offering a snack as one of your wedding favors at the end of the party? Well, the purpose is to please your friends and family with a tasty, fast food style kit. To be personal, make a personalized package, with the name of the couple and the date of the marriage. Everyone will love it, for sure!

2 – The Hardiness Of Succulents

Definitely, succulents are the plants of fashion. Consequently, these little beauties are often used for wedding gifts. In addition, it is a living gift and, therefore, has an even more special concept. With this, your guests will remember your link for a long time as a sign of life and prosperity. What about? We selected in this post 7 rustic souvenirs to make your wedding unforgettable.

3 – Fans

Good accessories are great ideas of wedding souvenirs. In this way, those who receive these fans can use them in any other circumstance. In that case, customize with a phrase and the names of the bride and groom. What do you think?

4 – Custom Sandals

Already a few years ago, this is one of the hits at weddings. And, in fact, it remains an excellent choice to put on your pick list for your wedding gifts. The goal is to provide comfort at the end of the event. So, if this is your chosen, think of a charming and ornate model exclusively for your celebration. 

5 – Mini Champagne

Giving mini bottles of drinks as wedding gifts is also a fairly practiced and successful way. A mini champagne, for example, will add sophistication and nobility to the moment, and certainly everyone will approve!

6 – Nutella Pot For The Godparents

When it comes to finding wedding souvenir ideas for the godparents, this is a wonderful solution. Nutella potpourri. Who resists ?! This treat will please all those contemplated. If you can customize the label, better yet. It’s going to be cute!

7 – Candles

Candles are inspirational articles, romantic and used for a good time in diverse environments. Choose a tasty aroma and capriche in the packaging in order to look beautiful and quite personal. Be completely safe: offering candles as wedding favors will be a hit! You can see more personalized souvenirs here.

8 – Cups With Cool Phrases

Your toast, besides being beautiful, has the opportunity to be functional. The intention of giving these bowls is just this. From a sturdy material, order the pieces with fun phrases about relationship. Opt for varied colors or follow the wedding palette. Undoubtedly, this little gift will be like an unforgettable memory of a magical date. Bet on it!

9 – Gourmet Brigadiers

This alternative has no mistake: gourmet brigadeiros. In a custom box for the celebration, put about 4 candies. It is interesting that they are wonderful, but unusual flavors. Believe: the success of your souvenir will be guaranteed!

10 – Earrings For Bridesmaids

This is another option for bridesmaids. Because of this, offering earrings is a very welcome way. After all, which woman does not like an accessory? Well, select an equal template for all in order not to generate conflicts and write a beautiful message to these dear friends. All set!

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