Complete Lighting Guide

Lighting is a very important factor for us, and plays an essential role in the design of interiors and exteriors, since significantly influence the environment and our welfare state.

In the planning and design of the house, or even a single room, lighting is an element that can not be neglected or left unattended. Lamps and lights are crucial to get any space to exercise its full effect and see.

The ideal lighting

The lighting in the home is not only important for the internal atmosphere of each room – lighting is important so that we ourselves can develop certain activities during the darkest hours of the day. There are three types of products of light sources especially important for a good lighting of the house: indirect lighting background lights to work, and direct illumination to certain points as well as vintage lamps for decorations purposes. With the right combination of these three pillars of lighting, the perfect symbiosis of light and ideal for any occasion gets light and time of day. The key is to mix products low -contrast light with high contrast lighting: indirect lighting is low contrast and provides a very soft and pleasant light, allowing the eyes to relax. However, this type of light can become tiresome, so a high contrast light is needed to compensate. You deserve good lighting within.

To get a hint backlight, products such as ceiling lamps and recessed spotlights are most suitable because they get light evenly throughout the room space. An extra to get a lighting perfect background, is to include a dimmer to adjust the brightness and intensity whenever necessary. Buy a LED products!

To work in the home office, cooking, reading, or perform any other activity, we need a well – proven light that allows focus entirely on the work we have ahead. To achieve this effect contrast, products such as spotlights, the table lamps and floor lamps are the perfect lighting. Put some LED lights!

Direct illumination to certain points is essential to create light accents that fill any room warmth and comfort. These light accents stand out and they stage accessories and decorative items, or small pieces of furniture. Especially in the coldest and darkest months of the year, small light sources improve mood and increase the feeling of comfort. However, when creating accents direct light, it is important to take care that they are not too strong, as this would create the opposite effect. It is best to find the ideal spot in the play of light and shadows of your interior, creating contrasts and different light intensities to achieve ideal lighting within.

Lights and lamps

There are a variety of products and lamps, responsible for creating the perfect, balanced lighting in the home, such as LED. Here are some factors and characteristics of some of them.

Spotlights: spotlights cast their light directly against the ceiling products such as  LED bulbs, creating a pleasant light inside that, projected onto a wall painted with bright colors, you can get spectacular effects inside.

Wall lights : wall sconces as LED often project their light upwards and downwards, providing a very soft light inside, so they are ideal for a backlight. Wall sconces have the advantage that they do not reduce the space of the room and are ideal as wall decoration. Buy a LED!

Ceiling lights products such as ceiling lights are the focal point of each room, and guarantee a backlight that illuminates the room evenly.

Pendant lamps: products such as hanging lamps should always be used in combination with other types of light as though it cast a uniform light after light cone also cast shadows. These lamps are especially recommended for lighting on the dining tables.

Table lamps: table lamps, although they are used as a type of lighting, are rather accessories, as their size and location itself makes almost decorative elements.

Floor lamps: the lamps are one of the products lamps more important to get good lighting – its light gives a very friendly and welcoming to any environment touch, and have become a statement of design in decorating interior.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting is not only important in the interiors of the house, the outside areas like gardens, the terrace, the balcony or the house entrance must be equally well – lit. Outdoor lighting is ideal for staging objects and garden decoration products, or illuminate the table on the terrace or balcony, pack some LED lights! In addition, it is very important to the issue of security, as it allows you to view from inside the house any strange movement that occurs abroad. Another advantage of the outdoor lighting is that with a well – lit way home, you can prevent falls and accidents.

Light bulbs

Today, different products can be screwed bulbs and lamps create different degrees of illumination. Incandescent bulbs have been for the most commonly used long time, probably because of its warm yellow light. Unfortunately, these classic bulbs consume a lot of energy, so they have been withdrawn from the market. Halogens provide a clear, bright lighting, and are ideal for illuminating work areas, like the kitchen or workshop. Because of their small size, they are often used in lights and reflectors. The light bulbs are increasingly used because they help to save energy and are very durable. The disadvantage of this type of bulbs is that they need some time before projecting its maximum brightness. Products like l as LED bulbs have meant a revolution, being the most used and popular. The LED bulbs  impress with their durability, energy efficiency and because they give off little heat. The biggest disadvantage of LED bulbs that light is projected is not very warm, and its price is still quite high, especially compared to the price of other bulbs, but LED lights are worth.

Window decoration

To enjoy the sunshine on the inside of the best way possible, it is important to take care that the window decorations not too exaggerated, and avoid using curtains or blinds dark colors. Sunlight fills the house with lighting and natural warmth, and is essential to maintaining a good mood and well – being.


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