Different Styles Wall Clocks

Wall clocks measure one of the most important assets of our lives: time. Here are many of them no pure time display, but design watches that creative advertisements and extraordinary colors with the sculptural enclosure wall decorate. Wall clocks offer diverse design possibilities of the time display, even more than the cell phone or the classic wristwatch. Their designs range from classic station clocks over playful structures in pastel colors to eccentric designs.The clock may calm attract attention-finally determined by their uniform ticking our daily routine and takes an important role in our everyday life.

From Classic to Modern -Wall Clocks for Every Style of Living

The clock is ticking properly and meets all technical requirements – now the optics comes into play. Clocks work as well as wall decorations such as pictures or small shelves . Of course, there are still a number of classic watches that put design in the background and allow the measurement of time priority. Examples are the classical station clocks that show no numbers but strokes on the dial. At other clock, the designers have raged so right. The moving pointer, for example, offer a lot of creative freedom to design. Even with digital displays, the developers of modern clocks have come up a lot, such as when “Clocktwo” indicating the time by means of written words.

Contemporary Wall Clocks play with materials, shapes and contrasts. Trendy copies are available in concrete, slate and brass. Wooden clocks with brightly colored pointers, striking patterns on the dial or modern interpretation Clocks – Modern Wall Clock There are no limits at Phoenixwallclocks.

. Design watches Among the clocks it: the design classic. To you count as the Junghans watches from Bauhaus student Max Bill and the “Sunflower” by George Nelson in the style of the 50s.

Large wall clocks and station clocks have shaped the idea of a classic storybook PM. The most famous of them is made in Switzerland. There, the designer Hans Hilfiker designed his characteristic Bahnhofsuhr. The clock of Hilfiker carries on dial any numbers, but black bars, the red second hand is reminiscent in its shape to the Berlin TV Tower. Station clocks and large clocks are practical and restrained watches that can be read even from a distance.

Playful and extravagant: The philosophy of the time, the constantly running and never exhausted inspires exceptional watch designs. Jutting-pointer, and reflections form of alienation, as in the AM “Toc” belong to the designs of the classic shape – round dial and pointer straight – break. They irritate with their unusual shape and drag so the attention.

Precise, practical and beautiful: wall clocks measure time, adorn walls and determine by their constant ticking of our daily routine. With so many styles, from classical to experimental, the time display device almost a minor matter. We show the key features and the finest specimens.


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