Eco-Garden Lighting

The Sun is finally here! This is the time to enjoy evenings on the terrace in the gardens. Garden lighting has evolved considerably by combining very design trend and new solar technologies, efficient and autonomous wind into electricity.

Here are the wink of clicks at the beginning of summer, our selection is independent of any provider or seller of devices. If else you get your hands on an interesting eco night lights, share your discovery with JOSEPHNIGHTLIGHTS!

Some examples of outdoor lights that generate their own electricity and who are ‘mobile’ as movable easily. Illuminate and decorate go hand in hand?

First glance: the lamp of Corinne!

Corinne, household pilot clicks, had done us the great pleasure of this article combining mojito and garden lamp last year. His lively pen, she did we discover the solar/wind lamp of the giant blue and yellow. Since then, lamps took colors, but the battery charging system remains the same: LED bulb, a small block solar and wind-powered charger. And you have decorative light effects when the luminaire is running under the effect of the wind!

In its version “on foot and planted in the ground” rather than “suspended:

Second glance: the solar floating light

Small luminaire decorative and floating point of water or pool that is charged with solar cells. The favorite at a small price.

Third snap: solar light spheres

Flexible rods, these luminous globes powered by the Sun in the day add magical effects at night.

Fourth wink: the beacon solar Reed

This is a beacon of quality solar energy, to be planted anywhere. Garden markup such forms varied and also very playful and solar tulips.

Photo of actual scenario accommodated two lamps solar table… and without flash!

Fifth snap: solar lamp to presence detection

This is a tag that illuminates only if it detects a presence. Powered with solar energy please! The animals are exposed too!

Not to mention all the lighting solutions of patio or driveways led still must be fed to the electricity.

A small fixture floating point of water or pool great design and includes a rechargeable battery. Too bad it does not solar cells!

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