How to Choose the Right LED Bulb

It is not as LED bulb LED bulb. Some lit a spot, others can illuminate the entire space. Various sockets are different and the very quality of the bulbs. And it is clear that not all the LED bulb pays for itself. In the cellar or the pantry is better halogen bulb.

Light emitting diodes are mainly directional light sources are therefore very suitable substitute reflector lamps. If you have soffit or in furniture 12V reflector lamps with GU5.3 / G4 or reflector lamps for line voltage with gu10 base compact fluorescent light bulbs, replace the directional light diodes, so-called. LED spots. If these bulbs at least sometimes erate, the refund is paid.

The market is a large number of directional LED light sources, so-called. LED spots and it is therefore appropriate to choose the good. Especially as a replacement, select the LED spot the same base as the original reflector lamp. Vote for those that are energy class A + (with a minimum luminous efficacy of 55 lm / W, but preferably higher), avoid ineffective LEDkám. Browse the lifetime of at least 25,000 hours and switching cycles of at least 25,000.

Ensuring excellent light quality color rendering (Ra or indicates a CRI) greater than 80 and for the lighting of art objects to select more than 90. Compared to incandescent reflector lamps with LEDs can also select the hue of light. Most often we choose pleasantly warm white color that we know by the color temperature (or color temperature) ranging from 2700 to 3200 K. For the working environment can also choose a higher value (cold light), but it will not work comfortably in spaces designed for relaxation.

The most common problem when changing reflector lamps is ill-chosen radiation angle, also referred to as half-intensity angle. For illumination of spaces and corridors are used wider viewing angles (above 35 degrees). If instead we light charcoal with a narrow, lighted area will have oppressive character: the lighting will be just a few places and some will be dark. To display cabinet lighting or subjects closer angles on the contrary, they fit perfectly. LED replacement for the often pays off in the case of compensation for non-directional incandescent or halogen bulbs. The advantage of such compensation not only depends on the price of the new so-called. LED lamps, but also on how often to said bulb erate. If you use it often, eg. In the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen, the refund will certainly pay off. Conversely, in exchange for a light bulb in the pantry will not be too economical.

When replacing incandescent or halogen bulbs as LED bulb, similar rules as in the case of LED spots. Dial energy class A +, for the life of 25,000 hours or more, the number of switching cycles at least 25,000, 80 color and more color and light to select within the 2700 to 3200 K.

For trouble-free replacement for the incandescent bulb it is yet to be taken into consideration to what we luminaires to LED bulb. Series LED bulbs have a shape while the bulb, but only illuminates their “mushroom cloud” that is only one side. If we put a LED bulb in frosted or transparent luminaires will be disappointed that it is not lit up, and it spoils the overall impression of the lighting. Do luminaires that require a light on all sides, it is appropriate to give LED light bulb that shines like incandescent bulbs (eg. In a flask tape or another system, bringing light in all directions). LED bulbs with the shape of “mushroom” On the contrary, fits into luminaires shining primarily in one direction. E.g. chandeliers hanging over the table, most of the work lamps and the like.

Light emitting diodes can already be found in a myriad of shapes for all possible applications in the home. The main criterion is the exchange and technological accessibility and design, but the economy and quality. LEDs, however, already pays off, especially in places where we shine often. Quality LED lamps on the market, but different, and in selecting a suitable light source must be carefully selected. Help us do just that independent consumer tests. The test results of many LED bulbs can be found on our web.

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