How to Decorate with Wall Stickers

Bedroom, living room, kitchen and any other environment of your home sweet home can earn that touch of modernity that was missing. Have you ever noticed that, to make your home a little less dull, just leave out the white paint and fill the walls with creative Decorate ideas? And the best, without spending a lot.

Luciane Mota, São Paulo interior designer, invests in the details. “They customize the environment. Bet on stickers, wallpapers and frame compositions is pretty cool. I believe the paintings are more than present and gain of time spaces “.

The wallpaper, in turn, is responsible for the comfortable guy totally change according to your personal taste.Best of all is the practicality, since you just apply it on the wall to have the effect desired WOW.

When the subject is the colors, Luciane teaches: “Each housing, Commerce and Office have their personality and color analysis is of all context. The textures, which can be found on the furniture, finishes and tissues in General, go through the same sieve “, but if you want to bet on the trend of the year, enter the marsala, the Pantone color elected to 2015, in decoration. Both in a wall, as in any environment, who choose is you. For those who don’t want to dare, is a softer color palette suggests the designer of decorating for children’s bedrooms.

Is a fan of the do it yourself style (do it yourself, or DIY)? Then enter it to your wall. You can get references of our Pinterest, for example, which has a beautiful selection of home decor and it’s been there to see it?

Wall stickers, decorative plates, books and newspapers give life to drab walls. For those who do not have such skill in DIY, just customize comics. “Acquire picture frames ready in specialty stores, or even buy cheap picture frames with protruding frames to customize is good. Paint Valley, put printed fabrics, images, or even “magazine clippings, reinforces Halawa.

Want more ideas? Go on endless wave of coloring books for adults, and hang their art on the wall. “You can even let them in black and white, is a charm!”, complete Haleem (a designer). To not have any more excuses, we chose the most beautiful pictures of decoration of walls for you to take home!

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