How to Renovate Old Wooden Furniture

We will find that our half wood furniture is turning old over time. They lose the beauty that they originally had and we don’t know how to decorate a particular environment, afraid of abandoning the rest of the decor.

You may want to leave that little table or nightstand stored somewhere because it clashes with the decoration of the house. Instead of buying another, the more practical and inexpensive idea is to reform the old furniture! You will not only gain the beautiful furniture but also will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did!

Renovate old furniture of wood – step by step

We will teach a way to reform the furniture, and give tips on other different techniques, and you can still watch the video with more information at the end of the matter.

A simple way to reform a mobile is giving a new paint job on it. To do this, you will need:

  • A fine and one coarse
  • White slider background
  • Brushes
  • Wood paint desired color
  • Matte varnish

The process is easy. First, use the sandpaper to remove any thicker paint or varnish on the piece of wood, using finer sandpaper to finish the preparation of the piece.

Use a slightly dampened cloth to remove any dust, and after that the wood is clean (and dry) apply the white slider background, let it dry and apply one or two coats to cover perfectly the entire piece.

Once the bottom is dry (drying time) apply the ink in the chosen color, give another coat for a better finish, and dry finish with a matte varnish.

If you want, you can create a colorful piece using different inks on various parts after applying the white background, to give a more modern face to the cabinet.

Another option is to use tissues to apply in some parts of the piece of furniture, or even make stencil with different colors.

The patina is another idea that is fashionable, and we’ve done a piece on teaching how to make wooden patina.

Renovating old wood furniture – video

To help you reform your furniture by using a different technique and the application of fabrics, see the video that we find for you!

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