Night Table Reading Lamp

The bulb is heated and begins to blur even more confidence limits, shows not only the objects of the present, but also those of the past and future, of the past and the future that could or could not happen in reality.┬áThe room dissolves as seen through a kaleidoscope, its colors overlap and corners fade and blur. Suddenly your head weighs and scale very, and emptied her feel like a cork and anchor at the same time you sick and effort collapsed in his chair to the chest, covered with soft white fur. Feel how yesterday and tomorrow cross of dim light of the bedside lamp because tablecloth on which you sit, soil change, then freezes and tiny icicles suddenly they prick, and the next moment they remain only a pair of teeth and skin namakva a Siberian tiger that may be, and may not have been her former owner. Just think at resignedly: “This is the end” when the tiger melts and proved on the floor – but not the beige linoleum with gray spray and a wooden floor littered with overlapping one another, multicolored rugs. Shake head violently and try to find another cause hallucinations, the cause of the sudden onset of stable foundations of the world. Even curse tea with both grapes and went so far as to blame for all this nonsense.

During this time, the matter continues to be amended – or rather lost, the very air throbbed and the presence of the surrounding inferior leading role in the original, the letter and the sense of touch. According to Joseph official site, do not know if visions whisper of an age long past, if you show eyelash of scary future or just never really happen in your world, but elsewhere will fill the history books. With fright poked in the back of the chair, they suffered again and even has become a huge and fluffy, and your body slowly sinking into the plush him, suddenly the walls are of styrofoam and nails horrific start to scratch at them from the other side. Close your eyes to cast out the clutter of images, but you look blooms similar location and again witnessed the performance. The living room has become a huge, empty, empty with his poor mistake, but it seems that all six billion people ever set foot on our land, leaving muddy tracks on the floor and talking endlessly while repeat everything said in his lifetime. Feel the smoke of the fire and the rumble that echoes after the earthquake, and the kaleidoscope rotates faster intervals and shows room after room, time from time and world after world – everything is in ruins, everything is bathed in green light, wedding rings in the dust of crumbled plaster and small bones, which grow plants. You should quickly reconsider that, that the windows were jungle because these plants quickly spread throughout western wall of leafy their trunks thrive forcibly new branches layered and look for an opening to continue on, and their flowers bloom and immediately wither charred.

Watch Tower of Babel is rebuilt stone by stone, and people this time speak several languages and an outcry one passed another said what the third and fail to understand, and then begin united to ruin many walls and towers of the biblical Tower because they want to reach the biblical beginning. Before your eyes in winding flames Library of Alexandria was revived and its volumes are rewritten by its own memory and populous crowd took up re-burn them because they are afraid of excessive knowledge. Finally, see yourself – a little naked creature on all fours starts to climb broad winding staircase. With each movement grow up and only a few steps further snap stepped foot after foot and suddenly they ashamed of your nakedness in your mind sneaking why actually continue to go up after fatigue little by little they overtake and before the eyes you shall not be disclosed except many steps. Stop to rest – beginning after the long walk and then more frequent. Curvy and begins to gasp for breath and your vision weakens.

Time is not a crystal ball that can show mention that your desire, or the day of two thousand and eighty that your mind; time or follows a logical move, or caused by irrational force, cracking in all its severity, the hands are not two, as the sharp teeth of the hydra after a long battle and sunsets bumping into each other, so that the Little Prince it would have felt sick.

Realizing this arbitrary truth forget the moment any prophetic or occult temptation. Reaching a weakness and omerzenie to the light switch to shut it off, but the button shines like a brazier and is equally hot. You crawled to the contact, but he has put down roots in the wall and, however tormented, you can not otskubnesh. You’re trapped.


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