Provencal Wall Clock

The weather in Provence slower flows than in the rest of the world: the pace is more relaxed, the sun surrounds the cottages in a warm hug and the vast expanses of wheat and lavender invite to rest and total relaxation. With a wall clock in a Provencal style, you can play in your home the atmosphere of this little corner of paradise: discover how with our site!

Wall clocks in a Provencal style: the relaxation time

Few experiences are comparable to a stay in Provence. If one day, stressed by work routine, decide to pull the plug for a few days, take your well-earned vacation, book the first flight to Marseille and let it all behind: it is time to devote some time to your well being. There you can hire a vintage Beetle and heading towards Gordes, where you rent a cottage all to yourself, you will spend relaxing moments. In that land unforgettable, where the blue skymerges with the violet of fragrant lavender fields, you will find yourself and rediscover a simpler and pleasing dimension of existence.

Just in this lifestyle relaxed and genuine speak the beautiful wall clocks in a Provencal style. Introduce one of these beautiful furnishings in his own house is a true declaration of love for a living concept on a human scale, made ​​of healthy habits and quiet rhythm. The clocks in a Provencal style will be the backdrop for moments of pure relaxation, cheered by a good glass of red wine, alone or in company.

Wall clocks in a Provencal style: impalpable elegance

Among the clocks in the most charming Provencal style, there are certainly those in antique wooden flavored shabby chic, with Roman numerals and hands romantic vintage. Perfect for a kitchen or, why not, for a porch in the garden, are those with prints depicting sunflowers and lavender flowers. Lovers of a kind of simple and essential elegance will leave you then win the wall clocks in Provencal style in white wrought iron, which you can combine with a etagere or a fine corner cupboard in the same material.

Be inspired by our site proposals and discover the clocks in a Provencal style that make for you!

Wall clocks in a Provencal style, timeless elegance

You have decided to renew the look of your home? Are you looking for small details that may be able to make much more refined and attractive atmosphere? You love the retro style and browsing in an antiques market, you have decided to buy a wall clock in a Provencal style? It is a detail of style that hardly go unnoticed. Placed in the kitchen or in the studio is a piece of furniture that, in its simplicity manages to make the environment always elegant. Thanks to shades of light color, which distinguish the Provencal style, it is faced with an accessory that fits perfectly in other styles of furniture. Make your home a magical place to live every day, choose a wall clock in a Provencal style.

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