Tips on Adhesives for Bathroom

Decorate rooms, living room and kitchen is a common practice of those who have purchased a new home or want to change the look of the room. When decorating the house, the bathroom is a space that should be considered, too, getting decorations and furniture that let the more relaxed environment.

An option that is gaining prominence is to use stickers that can be applied in various locations such as box glass, tiles and even on the lid of the bowl. Check out the different models of vinyl stickers at and choose the ideal for your bathroom.


Adhesives-tempered contain fun images, and are usually made for sanitary basin cover or dump box. Examples are symbols of nuclear element, an atomic bomb explosion, a happy face and other topics related to bombs and missiles. For those less relaxed, there are options more discreet like flowers and abstract shapes.

For the box, a figure in the shape of a doll shower leaves the room more cheerful. Other aquatic theme related stickers can be purchased at stores such as sea horse, bubbles, frogs, fish and divers other images. In stores, the default color of the sticker on the illustrative photo is black, but you can choose other tones that are best suited to existing bathroom decor. It is recommended that the application in glass box for most striking visual effect.

The door can also be decorated so unusual, identifying and highlighting the bathroom. For bars and restaurants, the sticker in the shape of a doll or doll helps distinguish the men from the women. The figure covers the entire door, unlike the small stickers which are generally used in trades. Other models are: British flag, calling card, phone booth, statues, photos of famous and several others.

To modify the tile without having to carry out reforms and spend more, the stickers are an economical way to change the colors of the bathroom. The stickers in the form of tiles have designs similar to a real tile. You have to choose a model that has similar size to the existing tile on the wall. A cheaper version is to use colored vinyl adhesive, popularly known as contact. You can create a plaid effect when applying black squares on the white wall, covering the entire surface or only a range. Vinyl adhesive can also be used to create other figures, for other areas of the environment.

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