Top 12 Wall Clocks

One of the favorite items are the many decorative wall clocks, in this article there are watches for all tastes and styles, choose a wall clock that goes according to

 12. Cat Clock

One of the most common wall clocks and favorite of all, ideal for any room in the house, gives a retro feel but fun to where you are.


 11. Gear Wall Clock

One of the most original watches, is composed of different gears that in addition to the original clock make it an excellent wall decoration object.


 10. Modern Wall Clock

Following figure of normal watches, this watch is chrome, has a highly original design that is according to all styles.


 9. Clock with spoons and forks

This watch is ideal for the kitchen for the fun design using spoons and forks, combined with all the colors and styles that could have in the kitchen.

 8. Melted Clock

Following the style of the famous painter Dalí is this original melted clock that will give you a very artistic touch to the room where we place.


 7. Sol Wall Clock

One of the figures most commonly used for watches is the sun, ideal for rooms or halls, its colors combine with almost all styles and also brighten the room where you are.


 6. Musical Clock

For music lovers a beautiful watch musical note so that they can decorate this personal space where they create music, also ideal for rooms or studies.


 5. Watch Fishbowl

A highly original clock that emulates a fishbowl and a cat trying to eat the fish, is an original idea to choose and combine with the house.


 4. Watch Atoms

One of the most colorful and ideal for kids room clocks, some atoms around the clock is its main attraction.


 3. Vintage Clock

With the fallen and disordered numbers this watch looks ideal for any room minimalist styles.


 2. Clock Minimalista

A clock with only two numbers and no ideal for those who like simple but original features in the house frame.


 1. Watch hideout

In addition to clock performs the function of keeping private and important things, because it contains a small hideout.

Watches are indispensable in every home, make this a great decorative element, so that all your spaces have a breathtaking view.


Did you like these clocks? What were your favorite wall clocks?


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