Wall Clocks for Living Room

In modern living rooms, on the wall above the sofa, and in the classic-tradition was occupied by important paintings, increasingly appear clocks with an innovative and original design, which perform the role of “work of art” style contemporary.

The clocks for the salon is primarily characterized by their apparent size.

Usually these geometrical figures or compositions of various elements, they occupy the entire wall, in such a way to scan the time at any time of the day, but also to leave a strong and clear sign of style.

Another important hallmark of a living room clocks is the color. Or in the cold variant but technological silver metallic, or super colorful, online or at odds with the dominant tones of the furniture.

Also important the news related to the raw materials used: resins and other light materials, to facilitate the posting on the wall and to ensure its support over time.

The Phoenixwallclocks for modern wall clocks is very rich in offers that are characterized by a strong component of “do it yourself”, or to the freedom of choice given to the landlord, especially as regards the assembly of the composition of the wall.

Evidently this great freedom of action, this leave room for their creativity, are the basic reasons that reinforce the decision of purchase of a modern living room clock.

Certainly of great scenic impact the Model DIY of Anself.

It is a set of acrylic adhesives, with a mirrored surface, to be placed on the wall, placing at the center of the entire composition of the rotation of the hands mechanism.

The set of stickers is characterized by its alphanumeric mix: alternating between numbers and letters in order to signal the reference times (three, six. Nine, twelve) and depending on the preferences used both horizontally and vertically, of the landlord.

The clock that comes out of this composition of elements is very showy . A complement of strong customization salon – living room, as this reflects the creative choices of the landlord.

Equally challenging, but highly rewarding from the aesthetic point of view, the composition of the Set 3D wall clock Murals Tofern.

It is a set characterized by a series of circular adhesive, on the surface mirrored or polished black.

The stickers can also be superimposed on one another, creating a three-dimensional effect that gives playfulness and dynamism to the affected wall.

This composition of balls goes to frame the dial of our clock, which is also of spherical shape, which is also mirrored surface, almost to blend in with the rest of wall decorations.

The clock ideal for lovers of the contrasts of shapes and colors, chasing a final effect nothing short of impressive and original.

Less freedom of action enables the Model Decorated with Rhinestone Relaxdays, which is, however, able to guarantee maximum exposure to any living room is accented with elegance and refinement.

It is a watch made ​​in a single block, characterized by a very fine and sophisticated design, in the form of crystal star.

The circular dial, with only 50 cm in diameter, is surrounded by metal rods arranged in a radial pattern, decorated with glass balls transparent of different sizes, which give the entire composition an image of great lightness and light.

The ideal model for living rooms furnished in modern style, with an eye to the complements of a certain prestige.

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