Great Savings on Road at Our Site

Telecommunications company our site to be out in a larger wielding, by the end of 2015, five billion kroner cut away.

Turnover in our site is hit by the fierce competition on the Nordic mobile market, it means the phone company should be out in a larger wielding. By 2015 to cut five billion dollars in the group. It writes our site.

Earnings at our site fell by 45 per cent last year and this year, it has also been steadily decreasing. It writes our site.

That is why the plan now that Russia and Asia must stand for more of growth, now it goes bad in the Nordic region.

It is difficult to precisely predict the our sitesuccess with this wielding, because there is a couple of years to 2015.

-“Our sitehas put ambitious and long-term goals, but 2015 is still too far away, we believe the market will confer upon the particular growth. But the company confirms reverse growth case study, “said analyst Harald Øyen from Enskilda Securities for Norwegian business magazine E24.

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