How to Use Thermal Water for Face

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Often you hear of thermal water…many people combine a few days off with the thermal treatments, going in popular areas such as Salsomaggiore, Chianciano, Bormio, Abano, Merano and many other places to do the bathrooms. This water has proved, in fact, a panacea for the health and for the skin. L ‘ thermal water is rich in copper, zinc, iodine, chlorine, iron, vitamin E, calcium and many other elements , it comes directly from a spring and is used for therapies and beauty treatments. Many brands have made ​​it much easier to use this water for making spray bottles to take with us into a purse or travel bag beauty. Let’s look at 5 very good reasons to  use the thermal water in our routine:

1. Thermal water to hydrate and refresh your face

The first thing that comes to mind, thinking water, are definitely its moisturizing properties. Some thermal water spray on the face will restore the water supply needed for your skin by removing that annoying feeling of face pulling. Excellent both in winter and in summer when, because of the inevitable changes in temperature and weather changes, our skin becomes dry and dull. See cool water bottle at Waterbottlesshop.

2. Makeup flawless thanks to ‘thermal water

You have just made ​​your base with a foundation suitable for your skin type, the skin before foundation had been prepared by a moisturizer, but even so the result looks dusty, giving an ugly mask effect to the face, do not panic, it is not necessary Makeup remover, just spray a little ‘hot water to obtain a homogeneous and fresh makeup. The thermal water, in fact it will even out the foundation layers of the skin. This little trick is used by many makeup artist, visit the numerous makeup changes during sflilate. This product is also excellent as a fixer, to vaporize, at a distance, on the face after completing the entire makeup.

3. Soothe, calm, relieve redness

Ideal for those who suffer from rosacea, to soothe the red cheeks and for those with sensitive skin that reddens facilmete. If you do sports bring it with you when you’re flushed, vaporizzatela on the face and chest to have immediately a feeling of freshness all over the body. After exposure to the sun, if you’re slightly scalded, helps remove the feeling of warmth and redness from irritated areas. It also soothes the domestic burns, and removes the salt from her face after a bath. Perfect to be sprayed after waxing, it diminishes the appearance of red spots on the legs and calms the treated areas, you can use it without any problem, even in sensitive areas such as the underarms and bikini line.

4. Draining for bags

The thermal water should always be kept in the fridge, so you can use it to achieve the decongestants and relaxing packs of dark circles in the area where the liquid more easily stagnate. Soak two diskettes cotton with thermal water, place them on the eyes, lie down and let them sit for a few minutes. In the morning, barely awake, vaporized water on your face, will awaken the tissue immediately, giving you a more rested appearance. Dab the bags with a thermal water wet spot so they drain.

5. Refreshing

This product is an ally to the whole body, it can be sprayed on the legs and calves to stretch your muscles and relax them after a long day on your feet, or to return from a run, a long walk or hike in the mountains . The cold effect immediately removes the feeling of fatigue and promotes the elimination of lactic acid that builds up.

The spa acua is readily available in pharmacies, in perfumery and in supermarkets, there are many brands that have added this product among their references. The prices vary between 3 € for travel formats and 12 €.

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