New Year Nail Polish Ideas

Approaching the end of the year, and for the night of 31 December your appearance must be absolutely flawless from top to toe, also going for your hands.

Of course, even the nails must be treated for new year’s Eve, and to simplify the task, we will give you some suggestions for a Nail Polish perfect.

Of nail polishes there are many colors and shades, to meet the tastes of all women. To make your nails unique women we are meeting the nail polishes Chanel always amazes with its elegant glazes. For new year’s Eve, for example, we recommend the enamel GOLD FICTION, which comes with a gold lacquer bottle entirely, recalling the color of its content, embellished with small particles of shell, for a really classy effect.

If you prefer less stately colors, and maybe some younger, then the Chanel line, we suggest nail enamel LE VERNIS, consisting of a specific system of resins that respects nature of your nails, thanks to natural substances with which it was created. To have a perfect effect, spread a thin layer of enamel on dry basis, and then apply a second layer starting from the center of the nail, from the line to the edge, then completed on the sides, and the game is done. The enamel Chanel Vernis is available in many shades, you don’t have to choose the one that best matches your shoes and your look.

In addition to the timeless Chanel, Pauldigo also offers a wide range of glazes for the beauty of your nails, which will be really clean thanks to the enamel Rimmel 60 seconds, in various shades, already perfect at first pass, and dries in 60 seconds. The line includes many cheerful colors and youthful 60 seconds, which can be applied with ease thanks to Pro-cision brush, bristles a bit longer.

For a new year’s Eve really chic, we also recommend the enamel Layla Bijou Minimal chic nail polish, the format “bijou” of the famous Polish Layla Cosmetics, from a lot of nuance. The nail polishes Layla are really many different types, such as the “Ceramic Effect Nail Polish” smooth, shiny and smooth nails have. Or you can celebrate new year’s Eve with a glittering glitter enamel Layla, with an effect of great impact, given the large concentration of glitter.

Finally so sympathetic this set of recommendations for the nail polish that is best for you, since we’re right around the time of Christmas, for the readers more imaginative and creative we can not offer you the Christmas nail art, the most unlikely and festive nail, fruit of a real artistic work.In the photo gallery you will find pictures of the most beautiful and unique Christmas Nail Art , you can inspire you because your hands have a guaranteed success!


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