Is It Worth Buying the Ipad Mini?

Those who accompany me here on the Peace Blog should have suspected my preference for 7-inch tablets.

You can take a print and then charge me:the so-called mini tablets will dominate the market in less than a year.

And you see, without any false modesty, I have hit most of my predictions.The launch of the mini – before all Brazilian blogs – was one of them .

Apple still bets on the strength of its brand.But now the “enemy” is up there, unlike what happened with the iPad.

Super Power Rivals

Google Nexus 7 , Samsung Galaxy 7 , Kindle Fire HD are already firm in the market, and have a great sales argument: the price.

In addition, Android has taken huge strides in its evolution as the operating system of Apple’s rival tablets.

Want more?Here comes a flurry of Windows 8 tablets, one made by Microsoft itself (the 10-inch Surface ).

This war will not be easy for Apple, compared to the cakewalk it has faced so far.

Worth it?

In my opinion, Apple tablets still have the best operating system and best app store.

There is no doubt that the mini iPad should follow the (great) quality of your older brother.

But now she is not alone and the consumer can choose the best cost/benefit.

The Nexus 7, its biggest rival, costs $ 199.The mini, $ 329.

It’s a difference of $ 130.Or 40% more.

Of course, the Nexus 7 has fewer screen features, storage.But it is fast and has received praise from its users.

And that Apple factory?

Before a purchase decision you have to know the Brazilian price.Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft.

And I’m not so optimistic about the advantages we would have in buying tablets.

Or has anyone forgotten that Apple – and our government – announced in 2011 a car manufacturer in the country with iPads with reduced prices?

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