Movado Bold Black Touch Screen LED Digital Display Watch 45mm

Maybe not so obvious, but the technology giant HP is also involved in the segment of portable technology, though it does with different ideas and design solutions. In 2014. we saw smart device MB of Chronowing (recumbent clock in the image above) offer smart features and insensitive monochrome touch screen. This project was developed jointly with the popular designer Michael Bastian. Now HP is merged with the Swiss manufacturer the Movado , and the result is a stylish analogue clock the Movado the Bold the Motion (more black in the image above), which is actually a smart connected device undercover. In fact, Movado has a rich portfolio of watches with smart functions, while the manufacturer calls them “smartwatches”.

The clock Bold Motion does not use digital display and has a standard dial (44 mm) with a blue or white LED backlight. The housing may be of the “naked” or stainless steel coated by PVD material. Centralledwatch in both versions is black PVD. Silicone straps are also black. The analog watch is Rhonda 763.

The device offers no feedback (answering a text message or reading e-mail) to the connected smartphone, but LED lights (can be set in detail in specific combinations) and vibration notify the owner of received notifications from various applications – social networking, e-mail, calendar events. Integrated e, pedometer that shows daily progress also through the lights around the dial. Settings, notifications and objectives of physical activity are governed by specific application that is compatible with operating systems iOS (8+) and the Android (4.4+). The battery should last up to a week (compete the Pebble the Time ) between charges. We pretty impressive feature of the Bold Motion is waterproof to 50 meters, because now this is something unusual for smart watches (except models of the Pebble ).

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