Necklaces: 2016 Trend

In this 2016, the slogan in what refers to accessories, seems to be “your mark!”. The maxi jewelry will rage throughout the year. Remember: the more ornate the better.

Designs baroque, funny messages, overlaid necklaces, large stones, bright colors, anything goes this season. To our good fortune, designers are sparing no effort or resources when creating and producing.

The supply is endless and the choices are not exhausted. This year, moreover, feathers, tassels, fringes and patterns of ethnic influence on all accessories are imposed.

In addition, the most eclectic be rejoicing, because the mixture of materials and textures will rage. Necklaces and bracelets with leather strap, rope or wool as support contrasted shiny metals and semiprecious stones.

If you want to be at the forefront, commitment fabrics, very thick and original patterns and ornaments necklaces. Younger may be noticed through chains with all kinds of messages and curious and striking designs.

In terms of colors, anything goes when highlight and the final decision will depend more on what look you try to adopt or formality of the occasion or not. But it is important to note that the fashion color is definitely gold.

The cakes are still trend, especially the blue pale mint green and mauve.

The most vibrant colors lost no effect and metallic sheen are at the top of the list of choices, whether in geometric or more organic lines that mimic natural elements such as leaves and thorns designs.

In the spring, they abound ornaments and motifs of nature, such as flowers, insects and fruits .

Continuing a trend that certainly is the necklace with rings. Do you dare to try this style?

According to Bridgat (, the necklace is the oldest accessory that on record.

Since prehistoric times, he has adorned the torso of men and women alike, as a sign of achieved feats, decorated with teeth and bones of animals encountered during hunting, as support of religious symbols, medals and insignia of battle or amulets for good whom fortune carried.

Although many centuries have passed since its inception, currently the collar continues to maintain some of its original features but without doubt- developing its current level of sophistication making it a favorite when it comes to complement a style .

Not surprisingly, this accessory keeps its validity intact.

Since the early tapes that were used around the neck to the intricate and complex designs today, the collar has passed and accompanied tastes and aesthetic and spiritual needs of all cultures.

The right necklace can highlight our best attributes and be the ideal complement the style you seek. Too many options? You do not have certainty opt for what?

If the extra-large stones, necklaces too thick or too bright colors are not your thing, do not get discouraged: bet on the classic pearl necklace. White, pink, natural or artificial, large, medium or small, never become outdated and are always trendy for any occasion. If you are interested in pearl earrings, you can follow this link.

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