What does CEO stand for?

The term CEO is an acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-which means chief executive officer, which in Spanish literally with the concept “Chief Executive Officer”.

Definition of CEO

This acronym or its chief executive officer expression definition is: is the person with the highest responsibility of an organization or Corporation Anglo-Saxon. However, before globalization, this term also has begun to be used in countries of Anglo-Saxon.


Its presence in multinational companies and high scale is common. Where the President of the company occupied General strategies, as the chief executive officer or Executive Director of the administration of the company, or from the operation phase which will involve every one of the strategies that are going to take.

In these large companies has dependants also a series of Directors for each of the different sectors of the Organization, as a director of information, marketing, finance, among others.

Among his responsibilities is to inform on participation, achievements and goals of the company to the outside, and both the Organization and employees management. It is also responsible for high-level decision-making in policy and business strategy. It is also responsible for advising the Board of Directors, organizational decisions and carry them out, chairing meetings of the Organization and motivate employees.

The Royal Spanish Academy has not approved this term but is not issued in this regard. Meanwhile, the Foundation of urgent Spanish (its definition) says: “Managing Director or director general are alternative appropriate to translate the acronym CEO with regard to the executive position of higher rank in an enterprise or company. […] It is recommended to use the name of the corresponding office at [his] place: CEO, director general (mostly used), Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer who always known; otherwise, we recommend opting for the more generic form Chief Executive.”

Synonym of CEO

Executive Director, CEO; Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer; Director-General.

Usage examples and phrases

“The new CEO and President of the company has been received by all with much anticipation by policies that promised to implement”. Refers in this case to a person who takes charge of the post.

“Lover of the pure Spanish, the Director of the company has said that it does not want to be called CEO but CEO to dry.” Here, applies to the use of the Spanish noun instead of English.

“The CEO of the multinational, has been summoned to many business and financial media due to the measures adopted within the Organization and its great impact on the market.” In this example, used with the sense of one of their responsibilities.


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