Valentina Marzullo Fashion Blogger

Today bigoconosciamo Valentina Marzullo, Roman fashion blogger since March 2010. Her blog is a very clean and always with interesting trendy ideas. I follow often I ThechicAttitude.combecause I really appreciate the care and passion that pours Valentina in his work and in his look.I ask how would you define her style: “I like to experiment with different looks, following the trends but always interpreting everything in my own way. Continue reading Valentina Marzullo Fashion Blogger

Country Fashion

To Use Parts To Come In Fashionable “Country”

The country music never did as successful as is currently making. And we know that all that music conquers usually will stop also in the fashion world, that’s why the “country” style is strong like you’ve never been before. You know what pieces bet to get in the mood? If you thought in Plaid Shirt, review their concepts. Continue reading Country Fashion

5 Facts about Chronoswiss

The first glass housing floor and four other special features

First, Gerd-Rüdiger Lang only repaired the watches of IWC. But as customers asked for timepieces with phases of the moon, which did not exist at that time in quartz watches, the watchmaker master began to build his own mechanical watches. So came 1983 the first watch under the name Chronoswiss on the market. The name didn’t come about. He had his workshop in a suburb of Munich, but his works were long related to Swiss manufacturers–and he wanted to make it recognizable. His clocks quickly set in and already 1988 he launched the Watch, which is still the flagship of the collection: the Régulateur. Continue reading 5 Facts about Chronoswiss

Wooden House: Learn about the Project and Its Advantages

Building a new home can be expensive and laborious, since it involves a lot of things like the purchase of land, hiring an architect to design production and, finally, the work. A good alternative is the precast wooden houses. They fall right in any region and in any climate.

Cozy, this type of property is built quickly and designed with the client’s taste. There are many options and the amount charged varies according to the design and size of the House. According to Rodolfo Days, seller of the company BonCasa, the House is built in the factory and go to the place of installation pre-shaped. A project of 100 m ² is finalized in just 15 days.

Continue reading Wooden House: Learn about the Project and Its Advantages

Mountain Equipment Drilite – Just Dry and Easily

Already on the OutDoor trade fair last year, could we take a first look at the brand new Drilite collection of Mountain Equipment . Permanently water & windproof, breathable, lightweight, robust and even less than 250 euros. The British manufacturer makes it possible with his own diaphragm Drilite and offers five different types of jacket mountain sports specialist since this spring for a small purse. Is designed for three different applications for fast mountain races and trail running, hiking and trekking up to Alpine tours and climbing for everyone and wife something. Continue reading Mountain Equipment Drilite – Just Dry and Easily