Christmas Shopping and Toys

If you are a good consumer, you much have secured a Merry Christmas.

What to do to be a good consumer: be informed and exercise the rights which, as such, has legally recognized. So, read carefully and remember the following tips:

Draw up a list of purchases that really need to do.

Before you buy, COMPARE prices (which should be visible) and qualities in different establishments. Opt for those who adhered to the Arbitral consumption system.

Beware of advertising! It is not always reliable and it can sometimes be misleading or exaggerated. Decide you freely.

Buy in advance to the “key dates”: avoid crowds and price hikes.

Read labels: according to the type of product which is, you are interested in knowing the date of expiration or preferred consumption, composition and directions for use (which must be in Spanish), etc.

Check the items before you buy them, and if necessary, ask for a demonstration. For a good of a lasting nature, request the completed warranty document. Remember that if you buy a defective product, it shall be entitled to return even if else is announced in the establishment. If you believe that your rights have been violated, request the corresponding claim sheet.

Do not hesitate to report to the Municipal Office of information to the consumer (O.M.I.C.) Note how many irregularities.

Buy toys with the CE symbol which ensures that it is safe, taking into account also that it is suitable for the age and hobbies of your son/daughter. choose educational toys. Always demand receipt or invoice: is essential at the time of claim.


Choose toys that contribute to the development of the personality of the child, taking into account that not all the toys that are presented as educational are really.

Not to appear in the media, or for being expensive or very colorful, wholesale toy is better.

Note If toy is appropriate for the age of the child, if it matches what the / child expects of him, if it fits the tastes of this /, if you know what to use, or if, being a bulky toy, it will have space at home to save it.

Don’t buy a closed box: check that does not lack anything, toy works perfectly, which is waterproof, the instructions are in Spanish.

The toy must be secure.

The CE marking is a guarantee in this respect, but do not forget that, however, improper use can involve danger to the / child.

Each toy must have their tag that will be expressive of the manufacturer data, instructions for use, maintenance, etc


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