Samsung Continues Advertising War Against Apple

A new promotional video from Samsung Galaxy S III continues with drillerierne from last year against the loyal Apple customers.

The war between Samsung and Apple takes place in courtrooms, both between the various “fanboys” and, most recently, Samsung has printed advertising with Galaxy S III, which shows which points the iPhone 5 is superior.

There are, however, immediately make from the official Apple camp, but Apple fanboys have given Samsung retort, with their “version” of Samsung’s advertisements.

The war, however, does not stop here. Samsung continues for where they left off last year, with a small video, which tries to bring a little humor into the smartphone war.

Last year was the main character in the cartoon, the Samsung Galaxy S II, but this year it is, of course, the latest top model Galaxy S (III) has the lead role.

The film is called “The Next Big Thing is Already Here-Samsung Galaxy S III” and you can see either below or on YouTube via this link. The film is very similar to last year’s film, which was called “NextBigThing”.

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