Cheap Sleeping Bags: Disadvantages

Sleeping bag now buy at prices ranging from 1000 to 5000 CZK. If you stick to the bottom line, you can Although initially congratulated for saving funds if the sleeping bag to lie down for the first time, your morning probably not going to be twice as good. What are the disadvantages of cheap sleeping bags? To be enough and who by contrast had to pay extra for good sleeping bag? It is part of the following lines.

Price as a sleeping bag (not) the decisive factor?

To avoid fomenting unnecessary passions, we must at the outset to mention that there is a sleeping bag and a sleeping bag that is not always the price is the decisive parameter. If you’re lucky, you might encounter an affordable sleeping bag that can compete with the most expensive models. Otherwise, you can also buy an expensive sleeping bag, which is not in this price range do. Therefore, the need for every purchase to take into account the parameters of the sleeping bag, the type and filler and then to look at the price. Generally, however, unfortunately, the sleeping lower price categories below such qualities as their more expensive “brothers” Let’s look, what the risks are if cheap sleeping bags can contend.

Insufficient insulation

In principle sleeping we can be divided into three specific categories:

  • winter sleeping bag
  • three-season sleeping bag
  • summer sleeping bag

As its title announced in each category, will deal with three different types of children sleeping bags, according to pimasleepingbags, which are designed for summer or winter season. Three-season sleeping bag can then nutrition virtually anytime from spring to autumn. In this case you will not be surprised to high temperatures or ground frost.

For cheap sleeping bags, however, you may come across. For their inner filler is generally used in low-quality hollow fiber, which in extreme conditions may not have sufficient insulating properties. So always check what material is used to fill a sleeping bag and sleeping bag which fits temperatures.

The volume and weight sleeping bag

The most advanced (and usually expensive) types of sleeping bags in a backpack or paramotor barely feel. On the contrary, the cheaper pieces may happen that you in your backpack occupy too much space and longer tours will give you extra utter badly. Here it is therefore a good look at the material from which the sleeping bag is manufactured, but also the content it contains. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Who should pay extra for a sleeping bag?

Cheap sleeping bag will satisfy casual ramblers and hikers. Those who embark on tours regularly, they should reach for good equipment and a good sleeping bag to pay extra for a thousand there.Wide range of sleeping bags can be found on the Internet. Since the matter is, however, even if you head to the stone shop, where you leave to advise the responsible person, or a sleeping bag osaháte and test its comfort, strength and weight.

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