Commuter Cycling Lights

Lower blood pressure was one of the results when a group of motorists switched car to bike to work, three days a week, for a period of one year.
How can you make the most of the time on the bike to and from work?

Bike commuting can not only improve the blood pressure but also waist circumference, blood lipids, fitness and mental wellbeing. Just like that workout can vary endlessly can also route between home and job offer great variety for you to boost your performance. A day at full throttle all the way, the next day an extra swing or rolls you quiet for a day of active rest and recovery.

Make the most of your commuter cycling. How long time do you have to and from work?

10-15 minutes
May seem like a modest distance, but it is still twenty to thirty minutes a day. This is a great stretch for the recovery exercise. An easier pass which is about creating circulation and a pleasantly quiet in the body.

It is not possible to run tough? Well, the section is a bit too short to run for example, threshold training. Similarly, it is difficult to time with up-and nedvärmning when it comes to even tougher intervals. But if you have extra time, only to build on with appropriate diversions.

30 minutes
Why not a threshold workouts? You can either keep a steady high tempo all the way at about 80-85 percent of your maximum heart rate, or break it into shorter intervals between 8-12 minutes with 2 minutes rest in between. Warm up for 5-10 minutes before kick off with intervallandet.

Are you not a fan of extra gadgets and hard numbers when you ride so running on emotion. At this intensity, the respiratory rate increase and it will be difficult to hold a coherent conversation. You’ll be warm and feel your legs driving the good.

60 minutes
Lucky you! Your commuting can be just as effective as one hour on a bike with headlights can be on Depending on the training status and level of ambition, you can choose to run recovery in one direction, and maximum intervals in the other direction.

VO2max, or maximum oxygen uptake can be trained in short intervals with great action. The intervals can be between 2 and 5 minutes long, divided into 3 to 5 in number. The rest should be as long as or slightly longer ranges.
You should of course be properly heated and also scroll by afterwards for 10 to 15 minutes.

One day you might instead be bothered with two threshold workouts. Proper warm-up and cool down for 10 to 15 minutes, in between, run as a 30 minute-commuter above. This will be a very difficult and hard day which may cause you to need a day of rest from the bike afterwards.

Enjoy your time on the bike
The best workout is the one who gets the chance to, but also fill the lungs with air is not already breathed by twenty other people on a bus, and to clear my head. You have a start-up that allows you to get to work-focused, and a conclusion that will allow you to come home relaxed. A commuter has everything to gain.

And you, think about how you ride, you are rarely alone in traffic. Take care of both yourself and others!

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