Fairplay Fishing

Who twitcht much with small Suspendern lands always unhappy hooked perch. The triplets are just so sharp, that a Perch has the bait look only times to be surprised in the next moment of the erupting bait and abzubekommen a fluke. In drill then switched often the second gripper and grabs the bass on gill cover, in the neck or around the eyes. This increases both the quota and the chance to land the fish.

For Angling is super. On waters with little fish that fits. But if you stand at the perch shoal, is random times not engaged in a competition and want to undo at least the little fish, you can actually disarm a little.

Single hook instead Enddrilling

Instead of Enddrillings you make a single hook in the rear snap ring. This works with conventional Eyed hooks only if the eye is large enough because the single hook yet to have game. To hook the fish sure he must move freely. The fishing market would not be the fishing market, if there were no perfect solutions here. For bass anglers and their wobbler Owner S-61 in size 2 and Gamakatsu LS-3423F for example come in sizes 4 and 6 in question. (For pointer 65, Squirell 6 etc. I take the Owner hooks. Smaller Wobbler be decorated with something smaller and lighter Gamakatsu hooks in sizes 4 and 6.)

Unlike the Owner S-61, where the eye is transverse, it lies with the Gamakatsu hooks for bass fishing in a flight to gape. While the Owner Hook faces the side Gamakastu hook hangs beautifully symmetrical. A big difference in the yield bite I can not make personally.

In the end, for me are the wobbler size and the hook weight the criteria that influence my choice. The crux: So that the wobbler retains its properties even after hook change, you have to ensure that drilling and hook about weigh much the same. Nevertheless, the single hooks must not be too large. Otherwise it impairs the proper functioning. In addition, an oversized hook would discourage the fish.

For Wobbler 5-7 cm I use mostly the Owner Hooks. The weighs about 0.2 grams and thus virtually the same as a d√ľnndrahtiger 8er Drilling. A thick Owner 36 weighs 0.1 grams more. This small weight differences do then in swimming behavior (keyword “buoyancy”) apparent. When a Supender slowly rises after reconstruction upwards, one can install a second snap ring to compensate yet.

Where a discreet lift often not working so bad.

Defuse treble belly

The treble belly I let the 6 – 8 cm wobblers tuned. The get the perch usually not very far into the mouth. To remove it easily, but I clamp on all barbs.

The result not only looks beautiful. The wobbler catch hardly any fish less and are much easier to remove from the perch mouths. And the best is: When drilling you have suddenly a bit join. Whereby the dropout rate adheres strongly under, if you keep the voltage constant upright!

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