Underwater LED Flashlight Diving

The dive light is one of those accessories that would be good to always carry, attached to the buoy or platform pocket. Today in particular, as it is understood by reading the title of the article, I’ll discuss a torch: precisely the Lecoled Q5.

The Lecoled is one of the cheapest on the market led flashlights watertight mono, but is believed to be less powerful for diving.

The main features that help make it valid in the eyes of us play football, are:
-Polycarbonate body, dissipating aluminum ring parable in synthetic anti oxidation.
-Uses a single 3w CREE Q5 led, that will release 340 lumens (about 7000 lux at 1 m), spot (XR-E led size) to 6000 k color temperature.

-Power supply with 4 AA 1, 5V AA batteries or rechargeable batteries (2700mAh), 5 hours autonomy, equivalent to 17 hours with intermittent ignition (60 sec on, 180 sec off). Batteries are not included, and my advice is to buy good rechargeable batteries, and an equally good charger, which also has the function to download, so as to lengthen the duration, as well as the “life” of the batteries.

-The switch consists of a magnetic ring lever, and unlike previous versions of Lecoled, in this case consists of a single piece, a feature that should ensure better water resistance and greater life. It is relatively simple to operate with gloves on using your thumb, and saw that the torch is operated by turning the switch on the left or right, the torch looks easily usable even by those who are left-handed.

-Diving up to 50m.
-Weight, complete with batteries, is 243g, so it is particularly light.
-The size is 16.5 x 4cm, the diameter of the front, which houses the parable, is also made of 4cm: very compact.
-The grip is oval-shaped, not to say almost rectangular, unlike the vast majority of other dive lights that have round handles: 4cm wide, thick and slightly more than 2. The surface is dotted with beaded straps for added grip.
-To keep you tied to the wrist, or a locking carabiner (not included) the Lecoled has a strap elastic and adjustable.

Before bringing it into the water, I proceeded to anoint the only o-rings on the thread with elastic silicone grease in order to maintain the seals by limiting wear over time. You should repeat this every time you unscrew the torch head.

In water, the Lecoled, given the small size, it is extremely comfortable to wear on your wrist. Personally, I can’t say the same about the lighting. In fact, once I arrive in front of the “gap” to be inspected, the switch was not so immediate to be operated with the thumb of your left hand, but it’s probably my fault, I’m used to the classic “up/down” button.

As for the power and yield of the beam, which is the thing that concerns us most, I can say that, at close range – Let’s say within one meter – is definitely good, as well as concentrated toward the Center (typical characteristic of LEDs), taking into account that is generated from a single led.
This clear water conditions, whereas if we fish in poor visibility, the beam is hindered not just by the suspension.
I conclude that, personally, I try to limit to the minimum the use of flashlight that, if on one hand brings the light in the darkness, the other scares the fish. Not only that, often just get used to some eyes to darkness before turned over to be able to do without it. How?
Just close your eyes for 10-15 seconds, and then immediately descend to peer into the Interior of the ravine.
Surely we won’t see perfectly, but having tried this trick, we can better distinguish the silhouettes in shadow, which will become less obscure.
That said, the Lecoled Q5 will prove a valuable ally during our jokes, and the great value makes it a product quite palatable.

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