Yeti Sleeping Bag Review

Yeti sleeping bag

This version of a sleeping bag springs from a collection, which is suitable for high loads. It is the Yeti sleeping bag to a high – tech – product with high innovation rate for extreme outdoor activities. The basics of making are based on the objective of providing an extremely water-repellent, windproof and warming generation of sleeping bags for the users. Of course, have different sizes, and a wide range. In addition, is another basis for selecting turn the temperature component. Within the women’s or men sleeping interesting forms of processing are offered. They are characterized by an ankle-length-sectional shape and a so-called W√§mekragen.

This is also known as 3D – called thermal collar. He is extremely well fed and quilted, offers protection against drafts and chills. In addition, the head is maximally protected.Besides the high-tightness and wind-resistant features high breathability offers affordable air circulation, which is a precondition for the best possible heat exchange. The Yeti sleeping bag is great for a protected night or to rest outside under even the toughest conditions. Specific terms such HightTech – materials, silversides – construction and moisture protectors sound confusing at first. The HightTech – materials of Yeti sleeping bag include, for example AquaPro Plus and ripstop nylon for protection against moisture and humidity. These synthetic fabrics are in the sub-shells – used production. An additional membranous pad also seals. In connection with the so-called diaphragm calendered and extremely fine-pored fabrics are used, which can realize a good air permeability. The protectors, also protective padding against wet are the Yeti sleeping bag on the feet and hood.

Lightweight Sleeping Pads

The marked version of sleeping pad is insulating. It serves as a bedroom or sitting support, also referred to as camping or trekking accessories and finds its most common use as an accessory in sleeping pads for camping. The function of the insulation pad is to isolate the cold and the dampness of the ground. They also protect against injuries caused by stones or uneven ground. Modern materials for a sleeping pad, plastics are at the present time. Mainly foam is used, which is also known as polyethylene. A guarantee of quality sleeping pad, there is not only the material but also its strength. For use mattresses are available in standard and unified strengths and sizes. The minimal thickness is 5 mm, the thickest mat can be up to about 20 mm thick. The massiveness of the width of only 80 cm are available, the length can be up to 200 cm. Because mattresses can be quite difficult depending on their size and strength, are already used in high-quality mats lighter plastics. This make the coatings and the production of thermoplastic polyurethane possible. In addition, self-inflating mats are in vogue. They have an integrated valve and fill itself automatically with air. This creates a Mats – strength of at least 5 cm, which is surpassed in softness barely. The maximum weight of the self-inflating mattress is only 900 grams.Therefore, these are the new alternative for those interested.

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