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Tips for a Relaxing Holiday with Mobile Phone

In June 2017, EU roaming charges are to be abolished with reservations. This makes traveling within the Union more pleasant. We have put together a few tips on the subject of mobile and holiday for you, so that you can enjoy your trip in the best mood in the future.

We have already broken down what is going on about EU roaming as of June 15th . Instead of giving you more regulation and an exception to serve, it is now about tips outside the Roaming-topic, which you should consider for a successful vacation with mobile phone. Continue reading Tips for a Relaxing Holiday with Mobile Phone

Apple A5X vs Tegra 3

By now you’re all aware that one of the most controversial statements regardingiPad 3 is the one that would take his Apple A5X SoC up to 4 times faster than nVidia’s Tegra 3: we have already shown What does GLBenchmark about, but since the reckoning people don’t use benchmark on a daily basis, but games and applications, we take a look at how they turn Riptide GP and Shadowgun on new iPad and the Transformer First.

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Sports LED Watches

For those who know more reserved industry Swiss Watch, their response in passive appearance to plan Apple’s attack its Centennial business could be confused with submission to a daunting rival.

But groups of luxury and fashion Richemont, LVMH, Swatch Group and Guess have been busy the past year testing its own advanced watches, as they try to maintain the most timeless image of their products.

When it was announced for the first time the Apple Watch in September, some experts rejected these devices being aimed at a type of different client, one who values the prestige technology.

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Android Will Steer Your Car

Infotainment in cars will be probably a great thing at CES fair and highly suggest Google won’t let Apple and Microsoft are fighting for customers.

Where Microsoft has only provided small pieces of software for car entertainment and navigation device, Google will offer apps and further integration of smartphones. Why has Google in collaboration with Audi, GM, Hyundai and Honda made “Open Automotive Alliance” (OAA). NVIDIA is also gone with the Alliance, however, as chip-partner. We can thus expect to see Android in cars in the coming years. Continue reading Android Will Steer Your Car

Tip: Show That It Is You Who Decides over the Economy!

When the grandchild must be kept with your gadgets there may be economic advantages to be prepared.

Most of us find it annoying, having to enter code to our account each time we act apps from the various app stores.

That’s why tech-manufacturers, of course, made it such that the code is stored in a small period of time, so you do not need to enter the code again, for example, when you download multiple apps at a time. Continue reading Tip: Show That It Is You Who Decides over the Economy!