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Female Shirt for Winter

2012 Winter-Fashion Shirts For Women

Fashion always elects some parts as the darlings of the seasons, the time or the consuming public. Now, everyone please keep in your closet a shirt, what seemed, until recently, be a piece of clothing compatible with the more mature women and suitable only to go to work, now part of looks in different styles. Do you know what shirt models are having success in winter 2012? Continue reading Female Shirt for Winter

Small Bowl Shirt Emblazoned

Please note that the design of the mold of small bowl emblazoned shirt does not have sewing value has to be added. Only the templates that are to print sewing value.

Analyze in detail the design of the mould of the blouse. This shirt is simple, so young, relaxed and elegant, favors all kinds of bodies. The measures correspond to the size 44 in Portugal and in Brazil 46. Continue reading Small Bowl Shirt Emblazoned

Upgrade The Look for Happy Hour!

Your company makes a happy hour every week? Or your friends call you to grab a drink after work? Or even the boy sends message that wants to meet you soon after work? Nothing better than being always prepared for any occasion and make it turn the look of Office in a proper production to mend the cocktail after a day of work. For this, it only takes a few tricks to improve the visual! Continue reading Upgrade The Look for Happy Hour!

Summer Shorts Outfit

This outfit was created at the suggestion of blogger Sonja commented on the day of the striped shirts that she would also see these shorts with bare legs. Requested – done – on July 11, I have shown this picture collage on Instagram and made the Jay or nay question – you can see the comments on Instagram . Even though I felt very much at home on the day in a casual outfit, I was surprised about the positive feedback on the image. Maybe the flag have not dared, to write something… Continue reading Summer Shorts Outfit