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Look with Zebra Skirt Cardigan

When it comes to mix prints, almost no one uses as an example the harmonisation between prints t-shirts and stamped parts. And This is one of the most common mistakes that I see out there: looks strange because the person did not match the colour (s) between the design of the shirt and the stamped piece complement (skirt, shorts, pants, coat, turban, etcs). Continue reading Look with Zebra Skirt Cardigan

10 Plaid Shirt Models For The Winter

Winter is the ideal time for certain types of chess, especially those that benefit from dark and cold tones to create beautiful combinations, calling attention almost immediately. In this post we will show some shirts with patterns that match well with the season approaching and suggest some combinations with jeans, blazers, jackets and even costumes. Continue reading 10 Plaid Shirt Models For The Winter

Cardigan for Little Girl

A new knitting to delight the wardrobe of your child. Today we offer the cardigan pattern. The size that we mention in the diagram refer to a chest circumference of 41 cm. Brackets could see the larger sizes: chest cm 46- 51- 56. If you find indicated just a number then it means that it’s okay for all sizes. As for the points used are straight knit, purl and knit stockinette stitch. The sample of 32 mesh work with the number 3 needles in stockinette st. Continue reading Cardigan for Little Girl

Men’s Spring Cardigans

Sweaters are classic, elegant and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Warm knitted Cardigan is found in many cabinets, but you should not shy away from them even in the spring, because there are times when it is not too appropriate and Hoodie jacket is too prim. Cardigan complements the ležérn elegance and I know the only reason to avoid him.

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2016 Cardigan

Cardigans for all tastes and for all uses: that’s one of the items that should not be missing in your wardrobe for spring/summer 2016!

The cardigans will be one of the must have items even for next spring/summer season 2016, dear girls. Yes: not just in winter, but even in the warm spring days you can wear short, medium or maxi cardigan to the knee made in different threads, depending on your preference. I selected a few to give you ideas for your purchases from new collections with neutral colors rather than can be used with all outfit.

Zara, for example, offers this model with shawl collar open front in Pearl Grey, viscose, from the line that reaches just below the hip, soft, comfortable fit with both t-shirt both with delicious blouses that impreziosiscano the set.

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10 Men’s Cardigans For Winter 2017

Between classic and modern, luxury fashion and economic fashion, we have chosen the top ten men’s heavy wool cardigans and slim. an essential for humans, but like even the youngest.

See also: knits for winter 2016-2017. Photo

Brunello Cucinelli in his catalogue for men winter jacket buttoned cardigan 2017 proposes to take with shirt and tie or a light sweater under there. A contemporary look suitable for man who likes smart casual style.

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Women’s Cardigan Sweater-Long

Product Description

If some of the clothes never go out of style, it is cardigany. No you do not have in your closet? Occurs when the ideal time to buy just this need to be green.

How to wear a cardigan

This is not, of course, the classic green. Khaki shade is perfect for the Fiery natural redhead. You are a distinctive type of color with freckles and Golden skin. On the contrary, this color would definitely should avoid pale dark-haired snow white, or dark, distinctive types, will give you a good service does not prove. If you are the Administration candidate for this color, then you can combine it with other earthy tones such as rust, mustard-yellow or warm brown.

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