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Bershka and Its Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

If there is something so characterized January within the fashion calendar, it is because arrivals these dates arise like mushrooms campaigns of the different design, Haute Couture and low-cost firms in the market. And of course a climate and facing a temporary future in which will provide for much warmer days allowing you to take Cabinet items like that look in pictures, or at least in which we can see of the new catalogue of Bershka for the season spring-summer 2011. Continue reading Bershka and Its Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

Classic Style: Fashion Tips from the Noble Schneider

He was the epitome of a dandy: Sir Hardy Amies hunted down Nazis in the second world war, later he clothed the Queen. The taste of London’s best tailor was simple – he loved the best. ABC of the style of the man to be here.

In the series “Style classic” mirror presents ON LINE resources from the style archive. This article appeared first in the April 2015.

“A man should look like, when he purchased his clothes with insight, dressed with care and then completely forget about them.” This sentence comes from Sir Hardy Amies, his character of many years Hanson in the service of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. And because men long time already held a belt in color of shoes for an elegant fashion statement, Amies 1964 published a dictionary of men fashion; a classic that is now finally available in German.

In his fashion-ABC of the famous London fashion designer and co-founder of the ready-to-wear clothing held about what is essential in his eyes for the reasonable appearance of a men’s. 128 pages, Amies, tried “rather than new problems to create, to dispel those that make us wonder”. His reference work provides useful knowledge to almost every imaginable keyword from the world of men’s fashion. Of A as accessories – they should basically precious his as the actual suit that reflects something of its luster – z for cylindrical – rather not borrow! -explains everything what for the dandy of importance is (or was). Continue reading Classic Style: Fashion Tips from the Noble Schneider

10 Good Reasons to Sleep Naked Rather than with Pajamas

Since very young, we are used to sleeping with clothes. At the same time, it is better to avoid risking a baby or a young catch cold, it is totally understandable. But with age, why keep this habit? Why not completely release clothes? Here are 10 good reasons to sleep in Eve or Adam’s outfit. Continue reading 10 Good Reasons to Sleep Naked Rather than with Pajamas

An Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic Winter Overalls

Today, it has been promised snow here in Karlstad. So it was good timing that his son yesterday used his new winter overall for the first time.One consequence of being aware of how much chemicals used in, for example, textiles, is that it takes time to decide which product is the best choice. Or perhaps the least bad or what feels good enough. And since I now spent an hour to check out the market of overalls for children so I can share with you what I came up with. Continue reading An Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic Winter Overalls