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Lisbon Fashion Week

Moda Lisboa-2013 Winter

While here in Brazil we’re worrying about fashion trends for spring/summer 2013, in the northern hemisphere the concern is already there in the fall/winter of the next year. In Lisbon, capital of Portugal, already rolled the parade launching all bets for the colder seasons of the year. We can anticipate some things and use them in our current winter, isn’t it? Continue reading Lisbon Fashion Week

Tips to Choose the Accessories of the Dress

What I’m going to provide here is very important so that you can have a beautiful image, by which talk about tricks to choose the dress accessories where we have to tell you that these aggregates are the capstone to all your outfit such as a finishing touch to give you a different look that plays an important role in the image of any Lady. Also it depends on the characteristics that can have attachments to get a shocking figure, especially not enough to wear beautiful clothes but must complement your clothes with these annexes that can help you enhance your beauty as a woman. Continue reading Tips to Choose the Accessories of the Dress

Accessories for Use on Prom

Tips For Use In Your Graduation

Graduation is a very special occasion, so most of the girls who are about to go through that worry, especially with the look that will use on your graduation, on your receipt or even at the ball. In addition to the dress, the choice of accessories is also essential to ensure that the production will be amazing and flawless. Check out some tips on types of accessories to use in this moment so important: Continue reading Accessories for Use on Prom