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Strange Apple Watch Survey: 14 Buyers Don’t Like Smart Watch

With the Apple Watch Apple provided ample discussions – the one they want, others hate it and again others do not know what you should need the smart clock. But even buyers are averse to an admittedly questionable and non-representative poll again by the smart watch and would not recommend it. Continue reading Strange Apple Watch Survey: 14 Buyers Don’t Like Smart Watch

Nokia is Lagging Behind

The world market leader stumbling
Nokia is a single success story. From the car tire and rubber boots to the mobile phone and to the “Featurephone”-Nokia has always managed to adapt successfully and to be successful-that is a fact that can be held free of doubts. However, the success is slowly crumbling, but the prelude Nokia, within the European telecommunications industry had slowly faded. It is still European mobile technology that dominates the world (GSM), but the terminals that are on the downward branch. American mobile phones could be laughed in recent years, except the Motorola StarTAC and the V3 came little from the US which was successful, all cool mobile phones with well-translated features and functions came from Europe, Asia has also caught up in the last few years , But now, in 2009 the cool smartphones, all from the USA, or were designed in the USA and the software written for it.
The iPhone, the Google Phones, Windows Mobile, the Palm Pre – they are the American mobile phones that do not yet fully understand the market in their categories, but are talked about and set new standards. The market leader in terms of numbers, but no more in usability can only lag behind, since Apple has moved the standard with the iPhone with a stroke by a few years forward. The fact that the iPhone had even minor problems, which were only eradicated in the third generation, no one noticed in the sales figures. Continue reading Nokia is Lagging Behind

Iphone In Belgium Completely Without Netlock To Buy!

Why it’s good to have a Belgian girlfriend…
As is generally known, the worldwide sale of the latest Apple gadget will start on Friday. In the run-up there were many discussions regarding the pricing and the fact that every iPhone is blocked by Netlock for other networks destroyed so many a dream of a reimport.

Continue reading Iphone In Belgium Completely Without Netlock To Buy!

Unpacked: Acer Betouch E400

Cheap smartphone with Android 2.1
For a smartphone you can put a lot of money on the table. This starts with the upper class Android devices, which gladly times scratch at the 400 euro border and ceases with the new iPhone 4, that because of the T-Mobile exclusivity at a large online auction house already times for well over 1000 euros Through the virtual store counter. That such astronomical prices need not be, proves Acer with the new device the beTouch series, the E400 . Because at the moment only 244.90 euros at Cyberport and stand out alone by the price in a positive way from the competition.

Continue reading Unpacked: Acer Betouch E400

Moto X Force And Moto 360 Sports

What I cursed and cursed when I had to read that Motorola after the Droid Turbo now also theDroid Turbo 2 would not bring to Germany. The connection was never quite clear to me, because the Droid Turbo was able to reach the waters of the flagship ships in all respects and even partially outdo them. But nothing came of it and the hope for the Droid Turbo 2 is that our hope should be quickly buried.

Now, Motorola would like to expand its range on the German market again, with a new Smartwatch and a virtually indestructible smartphone. In some countries the Moto X Force and the Moto 360 Sport have been available for some time. From January 2016, the two devices will also be available in Germany. Continue reading Moto X Force And Moto 360 Sports