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The New Autumn Trends Skilfully Used

The good news for all who mourn the summer afterwards: The autumn sends him into a spirited extension! In the cold season, summer must-haves are simply combined with autumnal it-pieces. So there is no cold and boredom does not. In addition, this autumn carries cord and denim. The trend colors: rich fir green, strong berry tones and brown in all shades. Continue reading The New Autumn Trends Skilfully Used

Ju Paes and Gio Antonelli Wear a Jacket, Skirt and Sneakers

Jeans jacket, loose skirt and sneakers. Do you have the three wildcard items in your closet? Have you tried uniting them in a look? For the combination stripped down and full of style was the bet of Juliana Paes and Giovanna Antonelli. How about copying the actresses? Check out our tips below: Continue reading Ju Paes and Gio Antonelli Wear a Jacket, Skirt and Sneakers

Maxi Winter Jackets

Maxi Winter Jacket 2018 Models

Ever seen the new Maxi Jackets winter 2018? This novelty has just arrived, and it’s very different pieces to complete your Winter Look, and also to leave you with more options and varieties in clothes to wear. Nowadays we know that we need elegance and also comfort so that we can dress well this winter. Even though it is not easy to combine these two characteristics, but fashion is always trying to innovate and bring everything that is most interesting for people to dress well and without going cold. Continue reading Maxi Winter Jackets

Red Leather Jacket

Basically most people know some interesting fashion rules about when to use a black leather jacket. But here there’s a little more color! Here you will see how to get out of the cliche of the classic black jacket ladies uses every day and put a stunning and attractive leather jacket in red color.
Here are some tips of looks for you to use. Some of them look great for the day and some of them are perfect for the night.
Check now how to use red leather jacket. Continue reading Red Leather Jacket

Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work

We receive many emails and comments from young men who work at companies that do not require a formal dress code, but who wish to, even though casual, let your more elaborate visuals, perfecting the combinations of everyday life in this article we will talk about parts that can give an “up” on your work look and still ride a relaxed combo, see below: Continue reading Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work