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Country Fashion

To Use Parts To Come In Fashionable “Country”

The country music never did as successful as is currently making. And we know that all that music conquers usually will stop also in the fashion world, that’s why the “country” style is strong like you’ve never been before. You know what pieces bet to get in the mood? If you thought in Plaid Shirt, review their concepts. Continue reading Country Fashion

Stay on Top of Current Fashion Trends

With men increasingly interested in maintaining the elegance, style and good looks, the men’s fashion has developed with great strides. Nowadays, men of all ages and all styles are always attuned to trends. For this year, sets both will bring news as repeated some figures of the previous year. Want to know exactly what are we talking about? Because that’s why we have prepared this post with interesting tips to leave your modern style in 2016. So be sure to follow! Continue reading Stay on Top of Current Fashion Trends

7 Golden Tips with Jeans to Look More Slim

You More Stylish With The Kind Of Ideal Jeans

Hello readers!

Straight, with skinny, boyfriend modeling. The jeans feature a huge variety of models, which must still be combined with low waist, medium or high, and the different types of washes-lighter, darker or torn. Actually, finding an ideal jeans model for your body type is not such an easy task. Continue reading 7 Golden Tips with Jeans to Look More Slim

Demi – Season – What To Wear

What Clothes To Wear In Mid-Season?

The mid-season just quit giving way to winter where the weather is milder, requiring the use of warmer clothes. But as fashion goes beyond the present moment, already we are thinking, of course, next spring and summer. What do you usually use in the fall or spring? See tips and clothing combinations for use in variable temperatures. Continue reading Demi – Season – What To Wear

Tips on Looks with Men’s Sweater

Tips for looks with a men’s sweater – Spring is already approaching but, since the days are still with that cold winter air, we can talk about some trends that also accompanied the season of the cold. Today we’ll talk a little more about the men’s sweater ( we talked about it this winter ), which is a very versatile and pleasing to many men. It can be used on very cold days, as well as on cooler days, because even if it is knitted, wool or knitted, it does not usually heat so much. Check out our tips on looks with a men’s sweater and make your look even more stylish! Continue reading Tips on Looks with Men’s Sweater

Fashion Jeans!

Today our topic is about Puramania jeans. I love and live by using the parts I have, who aconpanha me on instagram already know! And Puramania has a variety of jeans that today I will explain here. The brand has options for all styles, sizes and ages, and I’m not stupid or anything I lost no time and rode this editorial to show you guys a little bit, tim tim tim tim for the parts, the details. After consolidating in the market sets the Puramania, once again, in his collections the best in brazilian fashion, always prioritizing the use of quality raw materials. Authentic and original, nothing better than good and corniga jeans for several productions of the day, we’re going to learn a little bit about the brand jeans? Come on! Continue reading Fashion Jeans!

Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!

A vegetarian gatuxas and gatuxos … The crazy sweater back hahaha. Is it just me that play a hit? I swear I don’t know how I didn’t have one before, or better, until I know, believe that I didn’t like? I’ve never used and I didn’t like actually. Until one day my husband told me to buy one, there after much urging I decided to take a home and then fell in love. Think simple, easy to combine and super stylish. Continue reading Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!