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Models of Leather Jackets for Winter

Female Leather Jackets Models-Choose Your

The leather jackets were already at high some time ago and now returned with everything, the play doesn’t leave winter trends for about three seasons. They combine with many other pieces, mainly with the that are part of our day to day looks, like the jeans. Just combine jeans, white blouse, jacket and a scarf to be ready for various informal occasions. Continue reading Models of Leather Jackets for Winter

Leather Short Jackets

As winter approaches, people begin to take off their coats, cloaks and jackets from the wardrobe, sometimes even to the old ones, but which are not used until they look new. If we observe, fashion brought us the short leather jacket as a key piece in the wardrobe, due to this fad is that in the market there are the most diverse models of jackets, to satisfy all styles. Continue reading Leather Short Jackets

Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!

A vegetarian gatuxas and gatuxos … The crazy sweater back hahaha. Is it just me that play a hit? I swear I don’t know how I didn’t have one before, or better, until I know, believe that I didn’t like? I’ve never used and I didn’t like actually. Until one day my husband told me to buy one, there after much urging I decided to take a home and then fell in love. Think simple, easy to combine and super stylish. Continue reading Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!

Trendy Leather Pants for Woman

For those who like leather parts the good news is that it’s super popular this season, in every piece of clothing, as we talked this way, from jackets, shorts, dresses, skirts , and of course, as there could be, pants, and anything goes, the slim fit to the loose fit, the leather pants, heat up just right and are full of style perfect for those colder days and the coolest thing is that they are super eclectic, allow parade for all styles, match all occasions, from the most casual to the more formal, without doubt, a hit of cold seasons, although be sure to show up throughout the year. See below how to join to this trend without error.

Continue reading Trendy Leather Pants for Woman