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Shower LED Spots

Small bathrooms and bathrooms without windows that need to be informed in several places, including the shower. For lighting in a piece of water without any danger, how well install its spots at the top of a shower?

In the bathroom, it is quite possible toin stall lighting at the top of the shower. We usually meet this need when it comes to a narrow bathroom or bathroom without window where the corners of shadows are

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Tactical Flashlight Professional Police Rechargeable Cree Led

Its Q5 Led provides intense and strong light for use with
closed focus up to 700m range (in total darkness).
Flashlight made of tough, durable aluminum alloy,
non-slip surface  for added comfort in handling.
It has Zoom from 1x to 2000x and uses ceramic in the semiconductors of the
LEDs, which reduces energy consumption, making it perfect.
Accompany various accessories and gifts in a kit that is one of the
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Led Q5 Rechargeable Dive Light Flashlight Powerful

Flashlight Dive Diver Waterproof Led Cree JWS Rechargeable Ws-718

328,000w 920,000 Lumens

Ultra-Power Equipped Flashlight CREE Q5-328.000w
Developed after much research and the best LED technology
Ideal for diving, military use, hunting, fishing etc.
Focus Type: Fixed
Waterproof: up to 30 meters deep Continue reading Led Q5 Rechargeable Dive Light Flashlight Powerful

Decorating Tips: Ideal Lighting For Each Environment

The decoration and design of a project can be redefined by lighting.Discover how much environments can change by replacing a light bulb in this guide that Hometeka has prepared for you – enjoy and learn how to tailor the best solutions for each space with our tips and product suggestions: Continue reading Decorating Tips: Ideal Lighting For Each Environment

LED Lighting of the Future

Why the Leds Will Be the Lighting othe Future

Fifteen years already that the high power LED and white LED made their appearance on the market of lighting of individuals, but also on the workplace or in outdoor lighting. And this is only a beginning as the light-emitting diodes are bound to improve their energy performance. So it’s not for nothing that society René electrician, electrician for over 10 years, recommend it to most of its customers to install LEDs, and you’ll understand why. Continue reading LED Lighting of the Future

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Significant savings on your electricity bill

The price of electricity continues to rise. LED lighting uses on average 90% of electricity less than a standard halogen for the same brightness.

  • Long service life bulbs

LED bulbs have a much longer life that halogen bulbs – they can last up to 20 years. When you install a LED bulb, it is possible that you never have to change it.

  • Light bulbs, eco-responsible

Unlike halogen bulbs, LED bulbs contain no harmful substances like mercury. They are so harmless to nature and can be recycled without endangering the environment. Continue reading Benefits of LED Lighting

Lighting Trends 2016

In September 2016 we discover all the innovations in the field of lighting, including the LED light trend. In a House, lighting adds aesthetic and creates a new atmosphere. Sometimes, just play on the lights to accentuate the decoration and offer a décor styled without changing anything else in the House. Between LED lights, suspension, ceiling light for lighting the kitchen or the LED spots for the living room and dining room as well as the lamps nightstand or office, there are many types of light fixtures that can provide a new atmosphere at home. Here are a few trends for this autumn 2016. Continue reading Lighting Trends 2016