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Five Ways to Use the Pants Leggings

Stylist mounts combinations in different styles in Let’s Combine your style.

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The legging pants is versatile and ensures comfort. But what about style? In order not to compromise the visual, the stylist Bia Paes de Barros teaches five ways to combine leggings in looks full of personality. The model is Rita, you asked for “help” Mari Weickert on “Let’s Combine your style” this second (11) to change the way you use the piece. Continue reading Five Ways to Use the Pants Leggings

Photos Of 80 Years The Female Looks Retro Fashion

For women, the years 80, post hippie wave, represented what was of more modern and liberated in the style of dress and daring. It was the arrival of pop, dance clubs and a lot of freedom to combine everything with nothing and making perfect sense. The Looks 80 Years were so cool that they are used on the streets, and some say it was the best sets of all for freedom of expression. It was even a decade ago. Continue reading Photos Of 80 Years The Female Looks Retro Fashion

Leggings of 60 Euros That Wiped Out Between the Famous Pregnant

If someone still puts in doubt the effect of demolition of a celebrity wearing a moderately affordable brand, you should ask Cécile Renaud: “Sold 20,000 dresses when Kate Middleton was one of my collection”, repeats like a mantra whenever asked by the press for his success. The dress in question was a violet model 46 pounds (54 euros) and the Duchess of Cambridge dressed him for sitting officer of his eldest son, George, in 2013. Two hours after the photo became public dress sold out on its website and expanded to a waitlist that exceeded the thousand of buyers. Continue reading Leggings of 60 Euros That Wiped Out Between the Famous Pregnant

How to Wear Military Green Jacket

The term ‘green Army’ shows the shades of green that characterize the uniforms of military camouflage, ranging from green, grayish, olive-green, yellowish. In recent times this color, thanks to the trend of military fantasy, is back within the collections and shops; It is not an easy color to wear because he’s not well at all, but if you have fair skin, most likely you’re going to be fine, especially if you’re blonde or redhead. In the following steps you can find 5 ways to combine a green army jacket, a must have for fans of this color. Continue reading How to Wear Military Green Jacket

Leggings Slimming Effect

For millions of French, being overweight is a daily problem which can quickly become a real headache. They then used several solutions among which are slimming diets with many dietary restrictions, sports, massage and medication. Most desperate do not hesitate to go for cosmetic surgery. But have you ever thought of losing your extra surplus with nothing but the clothes? Absolutely not ! That’s why I decided to change things up a bit by talking about the slimming leggings. With this slimming leggings or slimming tights, you lose weight just with clothes. That’s great, is not it?

Continue reading Leggings Slimming Effect

XXL Outfit

Wild and Maxi:

Animal prints are now every woman and indeed everyone is talking about. New are so-called Maxi-cuts for some time.

Skirt or dress – length not rarely goes down almost to the floor. On the beach they are coveted, because let us curvy women to look casual and playful, they cover just pretty much all problem areas.

Oversize Maxi dress

This Maxi dress is so perfect as oversize outfit and can be combined even more elegant in everyday life.

Like plump women they style komibinieren in larger sizes with a leopard print. Continue reading XXL Outfit

5 Ways to Combine the Leggings


The leggings are born as casual clothing, a path somewhere between the pants and tights. Usually made ​​of stretch fabric, they are especially appreciated for their comfort but they are not a simple head to match. The leggings are not pants, do not have the same coverage and the same shape, so they can not have the same function, especially when we are wearing sweaters that do not exceed in length the waist. With this guide we therefore propose 5 cute ways to combine them in the best way the rest of our clothing. The basic rule to remember concerns the color combination: the colored or patterned leggings are worn with mesh solid, preferably in neutral tones, and vice versa. Continue reading 5 Ways to Combine the Leggings