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How Do I Adopt an Outfit?

By Fabiola Meza | Zip Ip

There are times (most have to say) that we see an image of a footbridge and although we love the outfit we ask ourselves “How someone could use that in everyday life?”, and although it seems an impossible task, interpret an outfit is nothing otherworldly, in fact the criticsand stores live interpretation to take the trends of each season and make them accessible. Continue reading How Do I Adopt an Outfit?

You Can be Sexy in Large Sizes

There are still a few years, it was rather difficult to find short and long sexy dresses when we were rather large, unique sizes had assumed the monopoly and strong women despaired of being sexy one day. Fortunately some designers have studied this growing demand and they did not twist because today all thin or plump women can seduce even sexy dresses or XXL sizes.

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Vintage Style In November

Weekly feature sets. Something old is something vintage! Give new life to old clothing. The old man is back in fashion!

The double look this week was inspired by a friend who took me some tips to achieve a vintage outfit. I bet many of you in the closet have something older, now that he’s there to lie submerged by the new clothes, the result of recent purchases. But have you ever thought of giving new life to old clothes?Yes, because the old, by now, is no longer just old but it’s vintage. See how it changes for the concept of something old?
The vintage is researched and purchased in the right places, it’s also very expensive. No need to buy, you just have to ‘dig’ in his mother’s things, and why not, Grandma! Bring something old in a style much more recent, contemporary practically makes the good looks and very fashionable. We see then how can you make a vintage outfit with some pieces that we already have in the closet. Continue reading Vintage Style In November

Plus Size Fashion Days

A year in the plus size Fashiondays I met the fabulous Luciana. It operates the blog and include to the women who have inspired me, and led to, to start my own blog. I am extremely grateful! I didn’t think at the time namely, to do something ever and to have so much fun doing it!

Since we have talked about ever, to create a post together. The year’s plus size Fashiondays were the perfect time for it, because I stayed just a little longer in Hamburg and had time. Continue reading Plus Size Fashion Days

2016 Cardigan

Cardigans for all tastes and for all uses: that’s one of the items that should not be missing in your wardrobe for spring/summer 2016!

The cardigans will be one of the must have items even for next spring/summer season 2016, dear girls. Yes: not just in winter, but even in the warm spring days you can wear short, medium or maxi cardigan to the knee made in different threads, depending on your preference. I selected a few to give you ideas for your purchases from new collections with neutral colors rather than can be used with all outfit.

Zara, for example, offers this model with shawl collar open front in Pearl Grey, viscose, from the line that reaches just below the hip, soft, comfortable fit with both t-shirt both with delicious blouses that impreziosiscano the set.

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10 Men’s Cardigans For Winter 2017

Between classic and modern, luxury fashion and economic fashion, we have chosen the top ten men’s heavy wool cardigans and slim. an essential for humans, but like even the youngest.

See also: knits for winter 2016-2017. Photo

Brunello Cucinelli in his catalogue for men winter jacket buttoned cardigan 2017 proposes to take with shirt and tie or a light sweater under there. A contemporary look suitable for man who likes smart casual style.

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