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The Best Street-Style of The Week XLIII

Lately, and especially since I write in Mensencia, I can’t look at the clothes of all and each one of the men with whom I come across. Could it be that it is waking up the coolhunter thing inside me? It is possible. Or, perhaps obsession to my first time making ‘The best street-style of the week’ and all the days that I’ve been looking for those looks that are published in national blogs and beyond our borders. And it is to go from being a supporter section to the same editor imposes. And much. Continue reading The Best Street-Style of The Week XLIII

Best Color for Winter

Here we are talking about winter trend, a very present trend and also very followed by lovers of good taste and fashion. Today we present a color that manages to create a complete trend alone: ​​golden. It is generally considered suitable for serious, evening look, the more challenging words.Look festive, from dinners, anniversaries. Nothing too ordinary. Surely the gold is not something that can be worn to the office, but you always have to measure out the amount of things that we decide to put on him. If we opt for a neutral look, but embellished with golden details, such as earrings, bracelets or shoes, we can also consider wearing something like that from day to less formal occasions. Maybe a plush neoprene embellished with a golden print or not too short skirt can do the job by day. Continue reading Best Color for Winter

Classic Style: Fashion Tips from the Noble Schneider

He was the epitome of a dandy: Sir Hardy Amies hunted down Nazis in the second world war, later he clothed the Queen. The taste of London’s best tailor was simple – he loved the best. ABC of the style of the man to be here.

In the series “Style classic” mirror presents ON LINE resources from the style archive. This article appeared first in the April 2015.

“A man should look like, when he purchased his clothes with insight, dressed with care and then completely forget about them.” This sentence comes from Sir Hardy Amies, his character of many years Hanson in the service of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. And because men long time already held a belt in color of shoes for an elegant fashion statement, Amies 1964 published a dictionary of men fashion; a classic that is now finally available in German.

In his fashion-ABC of the famous London fashion designer and co-founder of the ready-to-wear clothing held about what is essential in his eyes for the reasonable appearance of a men’s. 128 pages, Amies, tried “rather than new problems to create, to dispel those that make us wonder”. His reference work provides useful knowledge to almost every imaginable keyword from the world of men’s fashion. Of A as accessories – they should basically precious his as the actual suit that reflects something of its luster – z for cylindrical – rather not borrow! -explains everything what for the dandy of importance is (or was). Continue reading Classic Style: Fashion Tips from the Noble Schneider

Fashion Jeans!

Today our topic is about Puramania jeans. I love and live by using the parts I have, who aconpanha me on instagram already know! And Puramania has a variety of jeans that today I will explain here. The brand has options for all styles, sizes and ages, and I’m not stupid or anything I lost no time and rode this editorial to show you guys a little bit, tim tim tim tim for the parts, the details. After consolidating in the market sets the Puramania, once again, in his collections the best in brazilian fashion, always prioritizing the use of quality raw materials. Authentic and original, nothing better than good and corniga jeans for several productions of the day, we’re going to learn a little bit about the brand jeans? Come on! Continue reading Fashion Jeans!

Men’s Fashion Bag

Until a few years ago, fashion was easily summed up in pants, shorts, shirts and t-shirts with their details like user-defined. Today, although the simplicity is maintained in most men, it is possible to see new models standing out and making the men’s clothing more diverse. But there is still a huge cause prejudice to your immediate membership in the female audience: the bag.

Continue reading Men’s Fashion Bag

Pks Girl Virtual Clothing Store!

Everybody asks me where I buy my clothes on the net, tcharammmm, today I will present to you the map of mima kkkkkk. As many know, I get all day browsing, looking for news and of course as I’m not made of iron, camp also several pieces, of the most beautiful and unique to various places! It’s been sometime since I get some pieces on the site, so I couldn’t leave out this store! You know that when you see your heart beats stronger? When they ask me I say that it was so with the PKS Girl, a love affair without end, when I made my first purchase was anxious, what woman doesn’t like a little shopping? kkkkkkk. But when we arrived and I was really in love, the fabric, the finish, all of top quality. Continue reading Pks Girl Virtual Clothing Store!

Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!

A vegetarian gatuxas and gatuxos … The crazy sweater back hahaha. Is it just me that play a hit? I swear I don’t know how I didn’t have one before, or better, until I know, believe that I didn’t like? I’ve never used and I didn’t like actually. Until one day my husband told me to buy one, there after much urging I decided to take a home and then fell in love. Think simple, easy to combine and super stylish. Continue reading Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!