The Best Street-Style of The Week XLIII

Lately, and especially since I write in Mensencia, I can’t look at the clothes of all and each one of the men with whom I come across. Could it be that it is waking up the coolhunter thing inside me? It is possible. Or, perhaps obsession to my first time making ‘The best street-style of the […]


Best Color for Winter

Here we are talking about winter trend, a very present trend and also very followed by lovers of good taste and fashion. Today we present a color that manages to create a complete trend alone: ​​golden. It is generally considered suitable for serious, evening look, the more challenging words.Look festive, from dinners, anniversaries. Nothing too ordinary. Surely the gold […]


Classic Style: Fashion Tips from the Noble Schneider

He was the epitome of a dandy: Sir Hardy Amies hunted down Nazis in the second world war, later he clothed the Queen. The taste of London’s best tailor was simple – he loved the best. ABC of the style of the man to be here. In the series “Style classic” mirror presents ON LINE resources from […]


Fashion Jeans!

Today our topic is about Puramania jeans. I love and live by using the parts I have, who aconpanha me on instagram already know! And Puramania has a variety of jeans that today I will explain here. The brand has options for all styles, sizes and ages, and I’m not stupid or anything I lost no time and rode this editorial […]


Men’s Fashion Bag

Until a few years ago, fashion was easily summed up in pants, shorts, shirts and t-shirts with their details like user-defined. Today, although the simplicity is maintained in most men, it is possible to see new models standing out and making the men’s clothing more diverse. But there is still a huge cause prejudice to […]


Pks Girl Virtual Clothing Store!

Everybody asks me where I buy my clothes on the net, tcharammmm, today I will present to you the map of mima kkkkkk. As many know, I get all day browsing, looking for news and of course as I’m not made of iron, camp also several pieces, of the most beautiful and unique to various places! It’s […]


Jeans High Waist Jeans Women

You know that today women’s high waist jeans are on the rise, as are tailors, skirts and shorts, a trend that was once widely used in other decades, and which is now back to ensure the look of women still more elegant.


Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!

A vegetarian gatuxas and gatuxos … The crazy sweater back hahaha. Is it just me that play a hit? I swear I don’t know how I didn’t have one before, or better, until I know, believe that I didn’t like? I’ve never used and I didn’t like actually. Until one day my husband told me […]