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Men’s Fashion Bag

Until a few years ago, fashion was easily summed up in pants, shorts, shirts and t-shirts with their details like user-defined. Today, although the simplicity is maintained in most men, it is possible to see new models standing out and making the men’s clothing more diverse. But there is still a huge cause prejudice to your immediate membership in the female audience: the bag.

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Pks Girl Virtual Clothing Store!

Everybody asks me where I buy my clothes on the net, tcharammmm, today I will present to you the map of mima kkkkkk. As many know, I get all day browsing, looking for news and of course as I’m not made of iron, camp also several pieces, of the most beautiful and unique to various places! It’s been sometime since I get some pieces on the site, so I couldn’t leave out this store! You know that when you see your heart beats stronger? When they ask me I say that it was so with the PKS Girl, a love affair without end, when I made my first purchase was anxious, what woman doesn’t like a little shopping? kkkkkkk. But when we arrived and I was really in love, the fabric, the finish, all of top quality. Continue reading Pks Girl Virtual Clothing Store!

Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!

A vegetarian gatuxas and gatuxos … The crazy sweater back hahaha. Is it just me that play a hit? I swear I don’t know how I didn’t have one before, or better, until I know, believe that I didn’t like? I’ve never used and I didn’t like actually. Until one day my husband told me to buy one, there after much urging I decided to take a home and then fell in love. Think simple, easy to combine and super stylish. Continue reading Sweater + Black Pants-Look Tip!

Tip Look: Sweaters + Pants Flare!

A vegetarian gatuxas and gatuxos … Today I bring you a super tip to look to stay even more beautiful in this autumn-winter. This composition used on opening day of the store Salt in the Shopping Flamboyant and I’m completely in love. The look is totally MOB, our partner who always wears and leave us even more divas hahaha. The pieces from the new collection inspired by Peru, which we talked about the release here on the blog, and I’m amazed with these colors, left me with the face super bright, loved too much. Continue reading Tip Look: Sweaters + Pants Flare!

Look with Zebra Skirt Cardigan

When it comes to mix prints, almost no one uses as an example the harmonisation between prints t-shirts and stamped parts. And This is one of the most common mistakes that I see out there: looks strange because the person did not match the colour (s) between the design of the shirt and the stamped piece complement (skirt, shorts, pants, coat, turban, etcs). Continue reading Look with Zebra Skirt Cardigan

Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work

We receive many emails and comments from young men who work at companies that do not require a formal dress code, but who wish to, even though casual, let your more elaborate visuals, perfecting the combinations of everyday life in this article we will talk about parts that can give an “up” on your work look and still ride a relaxed combo, see below: Continue reading Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work